No Last Name – SHORT STORY


     CINDERELLA DIDN’T CARE for princes, or for walking in glass. All she really wanted was a happy home life. Maybe it was the jealousy, the evil where there should have been love, perhaps she was just sick of cleaning. No fairy godmother saved her from that.
So yeah, she got herself a permit. Left the floors, the dust, the chores – they were never finished that day. Cooking never had been her thing. Washing clothes was fine, but she wasn’t going to clean anything that wasn’t hers ever again.
People say, killing your family, is truly psychotic, like it’s somehow worse than breezing through a stranger, a bank teller, or an officer of the law.
They don’t see beyond the surface. And Cinderella was sick of seeing everything beyond it, never acting on it, being a good girl and pleasing everyone.
Sure she’s certifiably nuts, locked up in maximum security, no stranger to solitary, but she had her reasons. And those bitches were what made her crazy.

During the more florid hallucinations she still believed a man would come to her with a shoe only she could fit into – a size six, like half the female population weren’t the same size. There was talk of a pumpkin carriage, some major significance about midnight.
Truth be told much of the tapes on file are garbled, but every now and then, I watch them, her big neotenous blue eyes staring, blonde hair scraped back, the blue dress deflated and stained. And there’s a story there, it’s undeniable. Somewhere between the bloodshot edges and pupils of her eyes, she wrote a book which she reads only to herself.
We never did find the bodies. And that house was so well cleaned there wasn’t a trace of incriminating evidence. A fascinating case, a devastating example of what destructive households could lead to. Maybe she could still apply for parole in 2026. But only if she gave up the burial sites.


lion around 2

54 thoughts on “No Last Name – SHORT STORY”

      1. Oh I meant the recent live action Cinderella film actually 🙂 I was kind of hoping they would do a Maleficent-ish thing with it, and what you wrote here would’ve been a mind-blowing idea 😉

  1. Brilliant reimagining. Love the description in the second last para – doll-like and psychotic – and the idea of a story existing between the ‘bloodshot edges and pupils of her eyes’, beautiful in an f’ed up way like a Lynch movie, plus I learned a new word: neotenous. Thanks for that.

  2. I had to read this first because I saw monkey was a fan. And I thought I had followed you along time ago, but today I sorted my notification and stuff, and just now saw I hadn’t, soz, but am now.

    I noticed going in the glass reference and t had the obvious but another for me, which I thought was clever given her shitty life…’walking in glass, nice analogy.

    I enjoyed it, though you should not be messing with out heads, I had enough with Disney lol

    Good stuff.

  3. Now this is how the faerie stories were meant to be. Brothers Grimm would be proud. I know I am. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully dark story.

  4. Wonderful bit of writing, sir. Love the pace & how the twist was pretty much out there early doors, leaving the rest of the story to focus on the psychosis and grim (Grimm?) details.

      1. Well, I believe the original does have a plot where Cinderella did kill her step mother. Then comes her second step mom, something like that! 😮😌

  5. Good twist on an old story. Love the neotenous blue eyes – had to look that one up to be sure I had it right 🙂 Kept hearing Humphrey Bogart or Joe Friday narrating this one!

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