SIX WORDS, NO more, no less. Shrunken stories shrivelled into a mere six words of the English language looking to tell a tale without so much as a paragraph (not to mention keeping me sharp on my roman numerals). Read away dear visitors, read away:

Burnt love letters. The loneliest smoke.

Cracked crockery. Domestic abuse for desert.

Addicts need you, you’re someones rehab.

…“dust, to dust.”
I heard something!

One punch. Hospitalised. Boxing still. Still.

Parent’s drove away, from Holloway Orphanage.


lion around 2


  1. I like the first one, the second phrase almost sounds like a cigarette advert punchline.
    In the second offering did you mean ‘desert’ or ‘dessert’?

  2. I do love the first one. It sent such imagery to me when I read it. A single figure watching the letters turning into ash, the memories into wisps of smoke. Beautiful in a heartbreaking way 😦

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