ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five, six. The weekly six is here once more, this time serving up a slightly more poetic vibe with the expected horror element still lurking. Have a gander:


They stood, yet simultaneously were falling.

Virtual hugs, from them. No electric.

They bled sand; Time and life.

Light under door, broken by shadow.

Skulls decorated the beach like pebbles…

13 hour operation. Personality still intact.



lion around 2

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXI – SIX WORD STORIES

  1. I love the horror element in these stories!

    1. Thanks, me too, I find them to be what I gravitate towards especially in six word format which is ideal for the genre.

      1. Yes, the six word format is ideal for creating suspense and stimulating the imagination.

      2. Some days they come easily other times its like chewing rocks.

      3. The amount of time and effort required to write is not necessarily proportional to the number of words in a piece. 🙂

  2. My favorite was the light under the door. Well done.

  3. Haha the last one is funny!

  4. ‘They bled sand’ had me picturing an hourglass counting down my life. Very nice!

  5. That last one sounds very sci-fi to me. Awesome collection this week!

  6. Love the last one, brings to mind a whole backstory.

  7. “They bled sand; Time and life.” -This is really good.

  8. VictoryInTrouble July 13, 2016 — 4:19 PM

    The light under the door one makes me think of Signs- that M. Night Shyamalan movie. Creepy!

    1. I havent seen all of it, I generally go with Sixth Sense was his only movie worth watching.
      Thanks for reading VIP ☺

      1. VictoryInTrouble July 13, 2016 — 4:26 PM

        Ha ha, the one I haven’t seen.

      2. Lol. Its so much better than every other film since that shamalamamama made it makes me wonder if he actually wrote the script or even directed.

      3. VictoryInTrouble July 13, 2016 — 4:30 PM

        Lol! Guess you don’t like him! 😆

  9. Very nice. I wish I hadn’t read about the light under the door.

    Can I interest you in this?https://writingasitcomes.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/give-me-a-peace/comment-page-1/#comment-586

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