IF YOU’RE A regular (or a blogular…) you know the drill. If not, you’ll soon see by diverting eyes downwards and reading left to right in a typical English fashion:

One punch. Hospitalised. Boxing still. Still.

Left for dead. Revenge…brr, so cold.

Cutting, stacking, burning; The human sawmill.

Carbon dated. It shouldn’t exist – yet.

The rusty gate squeaked: evil entered.

Bobblehead motionless, by time firefighters arrived.


lion around 2

18 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXII – SIX WORD STORIES

  1. Great collection! I especially like the first one, with the word ‘still’ used twice, with different meanings.


  2. Pffft another great collection that combines humor and quirkiness. That last line about the bobblehead intrigues me so.

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    1. Lol at pffft ☺
      Thanks jade, I think that line you picked was my favourite once I’d written it (of this weeks batch).

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  3. Swatted spider. Missed. It hides. Waiting.

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    1. Good one.
      They always seem so elusive until the light go out.

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  4. Another great collection, but I think my favorite this time is, “One punch. Hospitalised. Boxing still. Still.”

    It says so much about who that person is in so few words.

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    1. Thanks Jenn ☺
      Thats always the aim, to produce a jack in the box effect, where the whole story becomes apparent, but some days the idea or words just dont form.

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  5. Carbon dated silicon. Alien chain reaction.

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    1. Good one, could lead to many situations.


  6. Ha ha. This was the best line
    …and reading left to right in a typical English fashion
    but ok, the other were brilliant aslo.


    1. Haha unexpected 😅☺ cheers for dropping by.


  7. So is this a writing challenege? Like write a post with only 6 words?

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  8. Well, I expected carbon to date. It’s boring being single.

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    1. I so very nearly made it into a joke like that lol

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