WordPress Tip: Tags

BORED OF TYPING in the same tags over and over again?

If you’ve been using WordPress for awhile you’ll know about tags. The words you use as tags identify the type of post you have written, and the key words used will help readers find you. For those new to blogging, tags are crucial to drive readers to your site. Using ‘book reviews’ as a tag will alert people who search for book reviews as your post will show up in the WordPress Reader.

Right, to ‘business’. A very quick hack for tagging in one click. Simply copy the tags of a post on your sites page, and then paste them into the ‘Tags’ box in your New Post. Done!

wordpress tags

Above: Copy every tag from the post. Then…


wordpres tag tip

Paste the tags into the Tags box of a New Post. And you’re done!


lion around 2


  1. This is such a good idea… I haven’t even been using that box o.O An error that I am currently remedying!

    1. It’s worth spending a little time to put them in. Ultimately it’s how bloggers will find a post if they don’t already visit your site.
      So you would need ‘book reviews’, ‘books’ etc

  2. So does that mean we’re doing it twice then? Yes, you have to spoon feed me. I never use that panel you have open there. I just type them under cat etc and cannot even edit them, I usually have to redo them. Or is it after you post done and then paste them again in that area up there? lol.

      1. Slugs isnt something I ever use, but I believe it is something to do with how your post appears in a search engine field.
        But the title of your post will appear there regardless.
        Its all about SEO, search engine optimisation, essentially going for the most specific title and catchy one for someone who googles something similar.

    1. Well technically it should work if you paste into the new editor tag section, but I try never to use it on my tablet as I find it horrible to use compared to the panel I use on the laptop.
      If it does work lemme know.

  3. Yeah way to go buddy…thanks for completely ruining those wasted idle moments of retyping everything. Now I’ll have to find some other way to avoid doing some actual writing.

    Great tip – cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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