Size: Entire Childhood – POEM

They wore wellies*,

For an entire childhood,

Spent until bankrupt, growing down,

Because, even when,

Predictable storms stopped raging,

Puddles, of unthinkable depth,

Were left in it’s brief wake,

Muddy, never-clear surfaces,

Cast rippled reflections,

That reminded them of their past,

And future…

Nothing ever changed, and doppelganger pallbearers,

Carried the coffins of dead selves,

But at least their feet were dry?!

No. Not even that.


* wellies are rubber boots or wellingtons


  1. I really enjoyed this poem! I like your use of lineation and truncated sentences, though I’m curious as to whether you’ve considered using more enjambment across your lines. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff! 🙂

  2. And you are a pretty decent poet too 🙂 I now know Mister Lion wears many hats. I am impressed. This poem is gorgeous. A sad song of lives broken too soon. It is full of rich and authentic imagery with the rhythmic sound of the rain pouring in the background.

      1. They were just so so days but they’re over. So yes, I’m happy, life’s better and those i remember as memories. Thanks Fionn.😜

      1. Well there you go, the sign of good poetry is creating something for us to add our own interpretations…I saw it as our times today the big squeeze and death of what we know, also since we were so poor we used wellies because we had no floor…not really but that kind of thing is what I saw.

        Re reading it I see I get two for the price of one..still marvellous.

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