A WEEK CAN fly by. How is that possible? I’m not here to debate time and existence or reality as we know it. Instead enjoy the six word stories inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s, ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn‘ from the 1920’s. As is frequently the case my stories are dark or horror in nature (mostly) – and please join in:


Blue line. She wept. I dialled.

Unrecognisable. But wait! Who supplied lime?

Lesson : Steel isn’t stainless – Inmate #627581

Caveman greeted timetraveller’s handshake with club.

Mass robots never materialised. Humans: predictable.

ER admission: cuts from broken dreams.


lion around 2

33 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXIV – SIX WORD STORIES”

      1. Did the locals actually speak a language that had the words ‘loud grunt’, or did they just refer to him by imitating his loud grunt? 😜

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