six_logo_a4      THE TWENTY FIFTH  edition of the weekly six brings a cavalcade of stories in a range of genres. Enjoy the six word story format inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s, ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn‘ from the 1920’s. And if you feel like adding in your own in the comments, please go for it.


Teleportation gate opened: 1811 Château d’Yquem.

Stenographer guilty, of writing poems instead.


“Someone translate -“

“…You look delicious.”

Runner dropped dead. The past inescapable.

Diagnosed telepathic: Hospital warden’s minds horrifying.

Full moon unreliable indicator: no werewolf.

‘Not the microwave!’ Unheard last words..

lion around 2

21 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXV – SIX WORD STORIES

  1. Sorry I’m late. Another great collection as usual!

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  2. Hmmm….How about:

    This is so fun! Oh, wait…

    News at eleven: Peace on Earth.

    The killer, the crazy, and me.

    Zombies helped me lose nine pounds.

    Did you hear that sound downstairs?

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    1. Zombies helped me lose nine pounds. – I love that one. Thanks for playing along.


  3. Karmic revolution. Cyclist turns up dead.

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    1. Haha, the bain of all drivers.
      All that spandex and gear, plus sitting in a saddle for hours on end; the word douchebag and many variants are never far away.

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  4. When I was a nipper and a secretary, it didn’t last long(got promoted lol) I would shorthand my poetry, shopping, thoughts, and not much of our weekly meetings). I still do to remember it next day in my head, only time my memory works well.
    I love the one about the runner especially – quite philosophical.

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    1. I once attempted shorthand when I thought the journalism world beckoned. It didn’t, so I never lol.
      Thanks for picking the runner one out Anita 🙂

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      1. Lol. You’re welcome.

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  5. ‘Meditation stool for sale. Inquire within.’

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  6. Love the microwave. Thiose would be the appropriate last words.

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    1. Cheers man, and yes, followed by a scream me thinks.


  7. VictoryInTrouble August 10, 2016 — 4:25 PM

    Awesome again! I like the stenographer one. It makes me laugh picturing someone in his own world typing away and then they’re like, could you read back what the defendant said, and he’s like, “The night sky twinkled like her eyes…?” Lol!! 😂😂 (ok, I’m weird, I know)

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    1. Hhaha, so glad you liked that one, and I love your addition to it, genuinely made me laugh 😀

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      1. VictoryInTrouble August 10, 2016 — 4:48 PM

        It’s still making me laugh. 😄

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  8. Excellent! Love the unheard last words. In similar spirit I would offer:-

    Great view! Lean over this waaaaaaaaaa…

    Creative and fun offerings again this week – nicely done.

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    1. Thanks nik.
      Yours is a good one, I’m picturing an overly zealous photographer.


  9. Elemental Quill August 10, 2016 — 3:34 PM

    “I wonder what will happen if…?”

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    1. haha, nice one!
      My mind sprang to pressing a button.


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