Hamilton vs Verniche – SHORT STORY

chalkboard bp

TODAY WAS LONGER than yesterday!” announced Hamilton.

“Impossible! All days are of equal lengths!” countered Professor Verniche.

“To put it scientifically – BULLSHIT! Today, was undoubtedly longer. Some days are longer than others, the same as some days are shorter than others. You can’t disprove it Verniche.”

Irritated by the impudence, Verniche grabbed a stump of white chalk and decorated, with aggressive strokes: the blackboard.

1 Day = 24 hrsย  To illustrate he finished with FACT! underneath.

Hamilton rose from his chair, quickly erasing Verniche’s work, then turning to him. “Sorry.”

Verniche rose to the bait. “For what?”

“For erasing your finest contribution to science in decades.”

Verniche went stony faced and crossed his arms at the first wave of laughter.

Hamilton turned back to the blackboard, deftly writing out his theory, the ksk-ksk of chalk on board filling the room.

Yesterday was a day – I worked 8 hours

Today, was longer than yesterday – I’ve worked 12 hours and had to listen to your lecture

A week ago I made love to a beautiful woman – it was a very short day, as if I was in another dimension

With confidence Hamilton finished in a flurry, recounting his own words. Therefore, although we measure time, sometimes it is immeasurable. One day can be longer than the other or vice versa!!!

For once Verniche was silent. And then the entire lecture hall stood up, shouting and applauding the best show on campus: Hamilton versus Verniche. Every Wednesday at 5pm. Lecture Hall LS.24.


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19 thoughts on “Hamilton vs Verniche – SHORT STORY”

  1. haha, my lectures were more along the lines of everyone asleep (or playing games) in the back.
    The most interesting proffessors tended to be arrogant or incredibly monotonous.
    I would take a lecture like this!

  2. I can’t remember any of my university professors getting a standing ovation! ๐Ÿ™‚ My takeaway from this lecture is that perceptions are more important than facts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Haha at the last comment. I wanted to create a playful debate one stuck up prof against a free thinker, the main idea being that perception and how we experience things are quantifiable beyond measure. In essence Hamilton is being very facetious โ˜บ

  3. Made me smile. I’ve never been much good at short stories this short. You seem to have a knack for it.

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