THE WEEKLY SIX, or half-fortnightly if you prefer has returned once more (it keeps doing that, I’m sorry) in an eclectic mix. Also if you have Tumblr, lionaroundwriting is my account on there (many of these go up on Tumblr first). Without further ado:


Hell Closed For Maintenance. Earth open.

Alien marries earthling. Entire earth: dowry.

Unnoticed hole in bio-suit. Death entered.

Heavy legged raven. Message shattered kingdom.

36th day lost. Companions surprisingly palatable.

Lightning struck once. Zeus had principles.


lion around 2


      1. Oh, I got Vic this time. I swear you do it on purpose. Must never call her the same name twice in a row! 😉
        I know! Everyone’s on earth!! :/ 😛

  1. Okay this is a rare occurrence for me, but I can’t choose which tale I like best this week. Do you ever consider expanding any of your tales into longer short stories? I’d be very curious to see where your mind takes some of these snippets 🙂

      1. Yes! You should definitely make a challenge for yourself. There’s some serious potential in these stories that with your ingenuity and talent, could really grow into something amazing 🙂

      2. I like your enthusiasm and encouragement. I think I might do some in the next few weeks – a little short on blog post ideas (seems every writing related post has been done).
        I have something to think about ☺

      3. Haha yeah, I know what you mean about blog post ideas. Thank goodness for flash fiction challenges that allow for regular content on my blog. I see you don’t participate much in the flash fiction challenges on WordPress. Not a fan?

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