Shortcuts – POEM

man and woman face to face


I ASKED HER if she would be my shortcut,

She nodded, on my eyeline,

A shortcut, in itself,

So, I knew we could be,

Another short term couple,

Deluded, love crazed,

…happiness only lasts six months.


We agreed to part on a given day,

And never look back,

Never call,

Never reach out a hand,

Because grieving must be done alone,

Saving us five years of wretchedness,

Of growing sick, not in love,

A handy heuristic,

And so I tell all my shortcuts,

From day one, I will leave for both our sakes,

Once two seasons become another.


lion around 2

39 thoughts on “Shortcuts – POEM”

  1. I had an arrangement like this many years ago, and it was the most intense, memorable relationship I ever had. For something like this to work, both parties must be on the same page. Brilliant piece!

  2. Definitely gives a new meaning to the word Shortcut…but this sounds like a lonely way to live. Really powerful poem, Fionn, with very raw feelings.

  3. Wow, Fionn, this is deep. Expressed so quickly but this is a heavy idea. Both that something like this could possibly be arranged and that the opposite happens in so many relationships. Six months of ecstasy followed by years of blah or worse, misery. I like it! Well done. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thanks VIT. Now officially unspammed.
      It’s like an idealised version, the good without too much of the bad. But unless we were robots or entirely unempathic it likely wouldnt work and would leave both sides feeling drained emotionally.

      1. Thank you for unspamming me! Yeah, imagine the turmoil as that date moved closer. And there’d most likely be a clinger. It would be a mess because we’re not robots. But still, it’s kind of appealing.

  4. Remarkable expression of such a strange set up. I could pit this against a futuristic utopian/dystopian setting (wherever we are headed) for practicalities alone, that this might become the norm. it was strange reading it, it felt cold but practical and I am that – practical lol So wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But in terms of your vehicle it was enjoyable, poetically, softening the subject at hand. Very nice.

    1. Thank you Anita, you comments always make me think and or smile โ˜บ
      I see what you mean about dystopian, or utopian, I can picture that now too.
      It isnt really practical, and so many feelings would get hurt on both sides, I guess its a practical idea unlikely ever to occur.

      1. Maybe tidy, uncluttered and clean, clinical – no mess, might outweigh the need for feelings one day…were half way there lol. ‘How long would your like your feelings to last, sir?’ Type of thing..ok, go write me a story lol.

      2. Haha, you’re not far off the future. Masking emotions and controlling them is a human specialty.
        And that line lol, ss soon as I read it I thought there’s a story…

    1. Yeah thats one of the main ideas behind it, the elongated suffering, or the slow death of a relathionship. Always baffled me why people stay in sad spots like that.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Holy fuck. This is AWESOME. Damn. You write a tight poem, man. I LOVE the double meaning in “shortcut,” suggesting that this is the way to leave a “short” cut, as opposed to a long cut.

    Wow. I’m impressed!

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