WordPress App Issues

WordPress always works fine on the laptop.

But every damn time WordPress updates their app for tablets something goes screwy.

Anyone else have these issues?:

  1. I couldn’t scroll down through my custom reader list beyond the top 20 posts.
  2. A whole bunch of blogs I never followed are now clogging up my custom reader list like spam.

Also, if you haven’t yet created a list of favourite bloggers I can’t recommend doing it enough.

Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂


lion around 2



  1. I’ve given up on the apps altogether. I only use wordpress phone app to read other blogs, but it’s so buggy I want to avoid it altogether.
    It’s just too bad the website is even worse when accessed through the phone.

      1. I’m actually not sure why they haven’t paid more attention to it.
        You would think it’d be their focus to increase regular interaction with WordPress :/
        When I first tried to write an article on that thing…I didn’t get five words in, haha.
        It’s that bad

  2. Yes, of late, WP has been giving problems on the phone app. But can’t be on a laptop each time. Just isn’t feasible. 😃 Have a great week ahead, Fin.

  3. I rarely use the app, and I think it’s fine for casual use, but I had problems when making posts. Not sure if they made any improvements recently as the last I tried it was a while back.

  4. I just downloaded the app on my phone and I can’t even figure out how to schedule a post yet :/ The one time I tried to finish a post, I had to scrap the whole thing because it would only let me post it in real time…. I havent attempted reading blog posts on the app yet 😦

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