WELCOME BACK TO the weekly six. And if it’s your first time: welcome! Six words in total to tell a story. Why six you ask? Because five isn’t enough. (Incidentally, Hemingway likely wasn’t the genius behind the famous six word story about baby shoes):


Some circled. The rebellious vultures triangled.

Dinner with parents. Thanks to taxidermy.

“Eat your greens! Then go flying.”

Organ transplant. No anaesthetic. No…instruments.

‘MY CHILD!!!’ Ripples unnoticed, disappearing tentacles.

Silent witnesses: tongues in jar collection.


lion around 2

53 thoughts on “Weekly Six XVIII – SIX WORD STORIES”

  1. All of them, except for the one about eating greens, made me shudder (that’s a good thing :-)). Eating greens before flying is wise – an ideal balance of safety and risk.

  2. Your stories are great! They’re like tiny plot puzzles. Since seeing your blog on 6 word stories, I make them up while doing brainless tasks (which is most of my day). So thank you for introducing me to such a fun, imagination exercising, game.

  3. I think when the legend becomes bigger, go with the legend. I’ll still attribute the baby shoes thing to Hemingway, but now he gets an asterisk in the record book.

    Nice six word tales.

  4. Another fantastic collection. Have you considered publishing a book in the future of all of your 6 word tales? I don’t know if it’s a good idea, honestly, but you do these so well! I do love the taxidermy one. Sent my brain running into a psychological murder mystery.

    P.S. That link about Hemingway just broke my heart a little. His 6 word story about the baby shoes has been one of my favorites and I’ve been inspired by it from time to time and now you’re telling me he practically plagiarized it?! Why would you do that to my poor heart, Fionn (and Hemingway!) lol

    1. I appreciate the support, I have thought about it, but it’d need to be a compendium I think, like 1000’s long to be worth buying.
      I was pissed off too that Hemingway didn’t write it, it’s such a deeply ingrained part of his mythology. He was pretty smart though, because he made money passing off someone else’s story…but yeah, kinda wish I didn’t know.
      And that’s the dangers of reading my blog 😀 :O

      1. Yeah I figured you would need a gigantic stack in order to make these 6 word tales publishable, hence my saying I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea lol. But like I said, you do have a knack for these and you write some of my favorites that I’ve read. So maybe a idea on the back burner in case you ever wake up one day and realize you just write your 1001st 6 word tale 😉
        And ahh but your blog makes the danger worth it.

      1. I’ve never tried these six word stories. They seem hard to do- even the dark ones.

      2. I know, I just suck at being succinct. So do you come up with a scenario first and then shrink it to six words?

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