Big Trouble in Little Time – SHORT STORY

kung fu

EVER WATCHED A kung-fu movie? I used to watch them a lot as a kid, loving the fantastical tales of redemption replete with bad dubbing, outrageous stunts and frequently outlandish deaths. I wrote my own. Sort of:


“He must die!” Wei Ping, the Golden Bear stood defiantly in the middle of Tu Langs modest yet entirely functional home.

“No – I will not let you kill him!”

“Tell me where your great teacher is hiding, and I will not harm your pet goldfish!”

“Not my goldfish! Please!”

“Such manners!” said Wei Ping, a ripple of respect washing over him. “But still! Where is Chan Li? Tell me and you will be spared.”

Tu Lang felt he had no other choice. He began running.

Through the back door he sprinted, winding through alley ways, nearly knocking over a woman with her wares and accidentally kicking a cage of chickens in the process. Gasping for breath a short while later, he stopped and looked back. No sign of Wei Ping. Ha!

As if from nowhere Wei Ping appeared in front of Tu Lang, whose face turned to shock. “Thought you could speed things up a bit by running? Well try this for size!” said Wei Ping stroking his white goatee. “I nearly kill you. You leave this forsaken place along with the girl you could never get, and the goldfish. You train hard, fail, try again, fail, and eventually become a champion fighter, even defeating your old master Chan Li who turned against you through jealousy. Upon hearing of your success, the girl wishes to marry you. But juiced up on your own success, with greater clarity than before, you realise she never loved you anyway, and is more shallow than a goldfish bowl. You turn to a true beauty who comes from a village in the hills. With unparalleled fighting talent, the respect of your people, and the woman of your dreams, you return here, to your home town, to avenge the death of your family, killing me, and everyone else I taught at the Golden Bear.”

And with that Wei Ping, the Golden Bear dropped dead.


lion around 2

35 thoughts on “Big Trouble in Little Time – SHORT STORY”

  1. Haha, takes me back! You had me hooked from the title… I have an unhealthy love of Big Trouble in Little China, back when Kurt Russell kicked ass… 🙂

      1. And…(captured CIA agent in China’s punishment by an evil Doctor)
        “Take him to Detroit!”
        ‘No! Not Detroit! No, please! Anywhere but that!’

        Even more funny/ relevant/ sad decades later.

  2. Great character names and a good natured stick-poke at the genre. Funny stuff to start my day – nice job! My brain was immediately transported back to the Fistful of Yen spoof in Kentucky Fried Movie (which youtube has if you’ve never seen it!)

    1. Cheers ☺
      I think you have just reunited me with a movie I forgot the title of and have been searching for – there’s one called Kung Pow in a similar vein but nowhere near as funny which I mistook for it.
      That’s 30 mins of my day sorted ☺

  3. @lion, am really scratching my head hard right now, I really love what you have written here, but I don’t know if it’s me that is dumb, but I didn’t understood the omega of this story.
    Wei Ping dropped dead!!!! when he was talking to tje other dude, scratching head…:)

      1. No it’s not that it don’t make sense, perhaps it’s me that didn’t well understood, but it was a great read. I love Kung Fuzzzz 🙂

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