Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories


ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five. I can’t count much above that, but I’m fairly certain there are six words in each story, no more no less. Enjoy:

Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty.

River bed, body found. Denim, stonewashed.

Red carpet. No photographers, no premier.

Blood diamond> Smugglers asshole>Wifes ears.

Their arm slowly disappeared: sea hungry.

Holiday romance. Foreign body. Familiar land.

Cockroach’s last memory. Shadow: size 12.


lion around 2

20 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

  1. The first one about the “amicable” divorce is my favourite. They’re all so clever!

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  2. The cockroach memory is funny. hahaha!!! this whole poem is well written and creatively well done. 🙂

    P.S Stop by my page today when you get a chance. 🙂

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  3. x2 on the diamonds. Hilarious.

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  4. Ha! Love it all round. But my favourite has to be the Diamonds.

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  5. My favorite was the cockroach last memory. Very funny

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  6. honeymoon trip, foreign land, familiar body? 😀

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  7. I love the divorce one. Cheeky 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mage. Not sure if a prenup covers it though?!

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      1. Hah! Probably not…

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  8. Yay, I get so happy when I see that big number 6. My faves are the river one and the blood diamond one. 😝 I hope you’re well!

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    1. All good you? Read one of your stories, forgot to comment, really good 🙂
      Glad you picked the river one too!

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      1. Well, now you have to tell me which story. 😄 I’m glad you liked it! I’m good too. 🙂 Have a good afternoon!


  9. “Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty.”
    Very very clever., I applaud you on that one.

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    1. Thanks man, high praise accepted 🙂

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  10. Top quality as always – hard to pick a favourite this week but I reckon the holiday romance gets the nod. Look forward to these every week!

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    1. Good choice. I’m glad they’re so readable, about all I am able to post for the foreesable future.

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