Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories


ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five. I can’t count much above that, but I’m fairly certain there are six words in each story, no more no less. Enjoy:

Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty.

River bed, body found. Denim, stonewashed.

Red carpet. No photographers, no premier.

Blood diamond> Smugglers asshole>Wifes ears.

Their arm slowly disappeared: sea hungry.

Holiday romance. Foreign body. Familiar land.

Cockroach’s last memory. Shadow: size 12.


lion around 2

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXXII – Six Word Stories

  1. The first one about the “amicable” divorce is my favourite. They’re all so clever!

  2. The cockroach memory is funny. hahaha!!! this whole poem is well written and creatively well done. 🙂

    P.S Stop by my page today when you get a chance. 🙂

  3. x2 on the diamonds. Hilarious.

  4. Ha! Love it all round. But my favourite has to be the Diamonds.

  5. My favorite was the cockroach last memory. Very funny

  6. honeymoon trip, foreign land, familiar body? 😀

  7. I love the divorce one. Cheeky 🙂

    1. Thanks Mage. Not sure if a prenup covers it though?!

  8. Yay, I get so happy when I see that big number 6. My faves are the river one and the blood diamond one. 😝 I hope you’re well!

    1. All good you? Read one of your stories, forgot to comment, really good 🙂
      Glad you picked the river one too!

      1. Well, now you have to tell me which story. 😄 I’m glad you liked it! I’m good too. 🙂 Have a good afternoon!

  9. “Amicable divorce: hatred split fifty fifty.”
    Very very clever., I applaud you on that one.

    1. Thanks man, high praise accepted 🙂

  10. Top quality as always – hard to pick a favourite this week but I reckon the holiday romance gets the nod. Look forward to these every week!

    1. Good choice. I’m glad they’re so readable, about all I am able to post for the foreesable future.

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