Weekly Six XXXIII – Six Word Stories


IT’S BEEN awhile since the last batch of six word stories – well over a year. I’ll keep it as a weekly feature once again. Here’s some more. Enjoy:

‘Which bin for recycling humans?’ ‘Orange.’

Clown convention brawl. Red noses everywhere.

Government raid. Cosmonauts startled. Wrong address.

96% positive customer reviews – secondhandcoffins.com

Hell frozen over. Thatcher enjoying skating.

First date. Food great. Phone: charming.

Airport security cleared. Thoughts successfully smuggled.


lion around 2


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24 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXXIII – Six Word Stories

  1. I’ve missed these weekly nuggets of brilliance. First date is the pick of them for me this time around but what the hell do I know 🙂 Good to see you back.

    1. Cheers man!
      Good to be back although I won’t be pumping stories out like I did in 2016…also the keeping up with other blogs etc (bar a few like yourself) isn’t such a concern, more laid back.
      If I write it they will come – Kevin Costner (i believe lol)

      1. Sounds like you’ve got your head screwed on in terms of a blog, writing and life balance!

      2. Sounds like it…
        In reality…..

  2. Love the second-hand coffins!!!

  3. I missed these so much 🙂
    The one I like most is the one about clown 🙂

    1. Thank you.
      I’ll drop by your blog soon.

  4. I was about to write a longer reply but my charming phone beckoned… 😉

    1. haha…damned phones!
      Cheers hatnagar

  5. I missed these little things. lol My favorite were the clowns.

  6. The last one is my favourite. Fortunately, they don’t scan our thoughts at airport security … yet.

    1. Not yet…imagine if things got that far?! eeesh
      Thanks for reading

      1. Like in Black Mirror…
        You’re welcome. 🙂

      2. ooo I want to watch the new ones when I get a chance
        Love Brooker

      3. “Black Museum” is my favourite episode of the new series.

  7. Oops!! The dictionary! I meant Fionn.

    1. I’m back 🙂
      Will visit your blog soon

      1. Yes, that would be amazing. A lot has transformed since.

  8. You are finally back, Fiona??

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