Weekly Six XXXV – Six Word Stories


     SIX WORDS; nothing more nothing less, the thirty fifth edition. Someone once commented I should try happier themes, something more uplifting, something jovial and life affirming. I tried…. Enjoy:

No batteries. Doll moving. Child sleeping.

Yacht adrift. Survivor mute. Unspeakable horrors.

WWII escapee found; skeleton, pistol, letter.

Lighthouse party: Bring Your Own Boat.

Abattoir silent, workers dead, animals free.

Dentist removed dreams. Nightmares replacing them…

Neighbour’s canary dead, mind caved in.

CLASSIFIEDS – Wife missing. Answers to ‘nobody’.

lion around 2


14 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXXV – Six Word Stories

  1. Haha – lighthouse party made my morning. Great stuff!

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    1. Muchos gracias Nik

      I’ve also had a dawning realisation… instead of stories I’m steadily venturing into jokes.

      And I’m the guy that facepalms when I see 6 word stories…that aren’t stories lol
      uh oh…

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      1. ’tis a strange and bizarre world we writers frequent…

        I shall look forward to “A guy walks into six words…” next time around and then facepalm in solidarity with you 😉

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  2. I very much like your new site.
    I have been considering moving my main website to wordpress. How responsive to your design did you find it?

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    1. Thank you. Tbh I’m not totally settled on it – like how the pictures stretch out, or the menus mostly at the bottom.
      It’s a free template however, took me a bunch of tries to settle on this one.

      You can set up (depending on theme) a good looking site, but customisation is fairly limited: you can choose font, font size, adding banners/pictures, some have an option for a logo like my lionaround ‘crest’, and you can choose the colour scheme usually.

      Pro: very easy to change
      Con: not many options beyond the basics. Not sure if the paid themes are better in that respect?


      1. Thanks for that, Fionn. I must admit that, when I looked at upgrading, I didn’t detect much flexibility beyond what I get with my existing unpaid wordpress site. But I pay about £90 a year for the other private one and have to write it all myself. So flexibility versus economics I guess. Thanks again.

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      2. That was me! Sorry, aparently WordPress decided I was anonymous!

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  3. Love it ! Here’s my contribution.
    Wrong patient. Wrong medicine. Wrong career.

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    1. Oooo a damning ending! wasn’t expecting that.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  4. These are all brilliant, but I especially like the abbatoir story. Great stuff!

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  5. Lighthouse party was perfect. lol

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