Weekly Six XXXVI – Six Word Stories


     SIX WORDS: It really ought to be simple but for some reason I’ve been struggling with the lack of creative juices this week and cursing Hemingway’s ‘Baby shoes’ story, for that is what started this addition to the blog, so when the writing won’t happen it’s hellish frustrating. C’est la vie I guess! Without further ado:


Grandma scattered by ocean. Chunks everywhere.

Butterfly landed, replacing President in scope.

Ice cracked, expression frozen. Shore…distant.

Everybody wore gas masks…except one.

Nobody understood them like Google. Nobody.

Pet cold. ‘Alexa told me to…’

Neighbourhood knew. Did nothing. Allowed everything.

Baby cried. They didn’t have one…

Beyond the glass eye? Another world.



lion around 2

14 thoughts on “Weekly Six XXXVI – Six Word Stories

  1. Poor Grandma! Good, quick and most importantly FUN read as always

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    1. Isn’t that what happens when people are scattered?! lol
      Thanks Nik.

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  2. Where does this “six word stories” come from? I’ve seen others do them to.

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    1. As legend has it, Hemingway wrote; For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.
      And supposedly had a bet with someone on being able to write a story so short. However it’s not entirely certain he wrote that, and previous six worders predated him.
      But the idea is from the era.

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      1. Cool. That’s six quite powerful words there…

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      2. Especially given his Hills Like White Elephants short story about an abortion.
        I think it was a subject close to his conscious one way or another.


  3. Cut yourself some slack…coming up with good six-word stories isn’t easy! The one about Google is frighteningly accurate.

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    1. Thanks magarisa 🙂
      very much appreciated.

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  4. You inspire me to write six word stories.

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  5. Facebook was a close second, though.

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