Blogging Tip: Speeding Up WordPress and Twitter Posts

     IF YOU use Twitter you know hashtags. If you use WordPress you know tags, although I still see plenty of blogs that are missing out on potential views because they’ve omitted tags from each post. Tags categorise your post and what subjects it relates to I.E. writing, fiction, short story, star wars, nuns who love bananas etc. Without them, when people search for something you wrote your post will not be considered and only followers will be alerted to the fact you’ve put out new material.

Because we often reuse the same hashtags and tags it’s nice not to have to retype them. So what’s the scoop?

Simply go to a recent post, highlight the tags or select all the hashtags and copy them. Open a word document or something similar like NotePad, paste the tags and hashtags and save them there for future use on the desktop.

twitter hashtag copy
Twitter hashtags #
copy wordpress tags
Simply go to your blog select and copy the tags you’ve used previously
Paste in the tags box, add/remove new/old ones
pasted tags wordpress
And there your tags are without having to retype them

So next time you have a post ready to go, open the word document, copy then paste into the tag window. Same with twitter.

And what’s this: a second Christmas?! A bonus tip?: Want to screencapture as in get a snapshot of what’s on your screen like the ones above? Press FN+PRTSC then open paint and paste. CTRL+PrintScreen might also work, there’s a few variations.

lion around 2

7 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Speeding Up WordPress and Twitter Posts

  1. Could you direct me the post you created re pictures and search engines. I tried one, but not sure I remember it exactly? Thanks.

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  2. We should wage PEACE, not war… My first ever six word stor.y

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    1. I like it 🙂
      They’re quite addictive once you get started.


  3. Tags are what helps drive traffic to your blog. They are essential.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure.
      Still lots of people don’t bother, or even categorise. Their loss.

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