Weekly Six XL – Six Word Stories


     FORTIETH EDITION of six worders, and thanks to WordPress whose bot notified me, I now know I started this blog exactly five years ago. Pretty crazy it’s been up that long. And six worders are about all I’ll be posting as I concentrate on editing Down To Earth before giving it a read through (only 35 torturous pages to go!). Anyway, enough yik yak, let me know what you think of the following, cheers:


‘Cream?’ ‘No – I prefer souls black.’

Always around. Never knew their father.

Frosted panes. Mail mounting. Nobody noticed.

Surgeon wondered, What happens if I...

‘You drink first!’ Cult leader panicked…

Personality test failed. Subject 9,586,895,325 euthanised.


lion around 2


19 thoughts on “Weekly Six XL – Six Word Stories

  1. Ahh, you haven’t lost your touch, Fionn! That first one about preferring souls black sparks a little lightbulb in my head.


    1. Thanks Jade
      That’s the aim with every one, doesn’t always come off though.

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  2. Love the one about the curious surgeon. Wouldn’t wanna be his/her guinea pig!
    Congrats on the 5-year mark, and good luck with editing.

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    1. Leaves plenty to the imagination…
      I was reading about some pre-modern medicine practices…glad I wasn’t around then.
      Cheers maga!

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      1. The stuff of horror movies…
        I’m also glad I wasn’t around before the widespread use of (reliable) anaesthesia. (I’m not talking about chugging back whiskey ;-)).

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  3. Congrats on half a decade of blogging! Here’s to another half.

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    1. Thanks Herminia Half a decade makes it sound longer 🙂

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  4. Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging!
    Always a treat to see what you come up with 🙂

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    1. Cheers babbit!
      Question is, where did those 5 years go?!

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      1. Not sure… Where did you last see them? Have you tried down the back of the sofa?

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      2. You see, obvious. You wouldn’t believe what Tony Blair found down the back of his sofa… tsk, after all those fruitless years of looking in Iraq…

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  5. I love the last one the most… I am miserable sod lol. Good stuff the 5 years thing. Keep it going.


    1. For some reason you got placed in the spam bin, so just seen your comment now.
      Thank you.
      And I’m sure you’re not miserable 😉


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