Weekly Six XLII – Six Word Stories


     REJOICE! The weekly six are back. OK, I get it, it’s not that exciting… Luckily I had a small reservoir of material to draw from, because I’ve hardly written anything this week. Down To Earth did get finished however, so after yet another read through, it might be fit for human consumption (other than myself). Enjoy the typically upbeat, and lighthearted fare of six worders:


Ingredients: MSM*; 97% beef; 3% witnesses.

Shopfront crash. Open earlier than usual.

Mime strangled method actor? Jury baffled.

Open casket, apprentice embalmer : crowd gasped.

Solitary confinement: anyone with a mind.

‘I love her…’ ‘She’s injun!’ —- *Bang*

Legally binding agreement signed. Sex commenced.


lion-around-2 fin

*MSM, mechanically separated meat


2 thoughts on “Weekly Six XLII – Six Word Stories

  1. Couldn’t chose between Mime and the Shopfront. Excellent work,.

    Liked by 1 person

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