Weekly Six XLIII – Six Word Stories


     “TIME — goes by, so slo…” – Well not this week/10 days it didn’t. So these six worders are a little late but still on time. I try and make a habit of writing some each day, often at bed time, but slacked a bit and didn’t have enough to put a post together until now. I’ve even put a six worder together that doesn’t involve something morbid ocurring, but don’t worry there’s still some of those ilk:

Bullets reversed, backpack closed, pupil wrote.

Maggots cleaned wound. Then got greedy…

‘They’re dead’ I heard zipping above.

The guide dog did it deliberately

Tattoos, that’s all she was, apparently.

We grew together, then apart. Tumorous.

Love? Everybody spells it so differently.


lion-around-2 fin




18 thoughts on “Weekly Six XLIII – Six Word Stories

  1. Enjoyed them all. especially liked the last one about love.

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  2. The Tattoo one – my favorite!

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  3. They’re dead’ I heard zipping above. – Love it!

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    1. Yes! Glad someone got that one.


  4. ‘The guide dog did it deliberately’ was brilliant! Love, love, love!!

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  5. The maggots one…gruesome!!

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  6. The guide dog one is genius!

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  7. Did she have a tom-tom, I wonder….

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  8. “Tattoos, that’s all she was, apparently” gets my nod for this rounds favorite – though it was a tough call!

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