Weekly Six XLIII – Six Word Stories


     “TIME — goes by, so slo…” – Well not this week/10 days it didn’t. So these six worders are a little late but still on time. I try and make a habit of writing some each day, often at bed time, but slacked a bit and didn’t have enough to put a post together until now. I’ve even put a six worder together that doesn’t involve something morbid ocurring, but don’t worry there’s still some of those ilk:

Bullets reversed, backpack closed, pupil wrote.

Maggots cleaned wound. Then got greedy…

‘They’re dead’ I heard zipping above.

The guide dog did it deliberately

Tattoos, that’s all she was, apparently.

We grew together, then apart. Tumorous.

Love? Everybody spells it so differently.


lion-around-2 fin




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18 thoughts on “Weekly Six XLIII – Six Word Stories

  1. Enjoyed them all. especially liked the last one about love.

  2. The Tattoo one – my favorite!

  3. They’re dead’ I heard zipping above. – Love it!

    1. Yes! Glad someone got that one.

  4. ‘The guide dog did it deliberately’ was brilliant! Love, love, love!!

  5. The maggots one…gruesome!!

  6. The guide dog one is genius!

  7. Did she have a tom-tom, I wonder….

  8. “Tattoos, that’s all she was, apparently” gets my nod for this rounds favorite – though it was a tough call!

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