Weekly Six XLIV – Six Word Stories


      I’VE GOT BACK into the routine of writing at bedtime. Always feels good to unload ideas and seems a perfect time. All the days ideas and thoughts have been percolating and get a release. And writing in itself is so much better than typing notes on a touchscreen or using Word, there’s the tactile feeling and feedback as well as the visual element of seeing words created – my next book project might be by hand. It just has a different feel to it. Maybe you’ll agree, perhaps not. Now that’s out the way I’ve got a (44th) selection of six worders for you and none too late. Enjoy:


‘…one night stand.’ Ikea order problematic.

Faked funeral. I knew they’d come…

Tomorrow will be better: placebo effect.

Installation manual…her eyes: something, m___ing

Destiny of Kingdom altered. One raven.

Tide never returned. Moon mined entirely.

Ancestors painted stars, while everyone slept.

lion-around-2 fin

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Six XLIV – Six Word Stories

  1. I agree with the others about the one night stand … very clever!
    Love the idea of ancestors painting the stars.

      1. De rien, Fionn. 🙂

  2. The ancestors one is my favorite – but the IKEA one was a blast!

  3. ‘…one night stand.’ Ikea order problematic.

    bahahahbhaha That has to be the best one I’ve read!

  4. The Ikea one killed it. Bravo.

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