Weekly Six XLIV – Six Word Stories


     LANGUAGE IS such a wonderful thing, and an almost limitless number of possible combinations. But I’m not trying to write a book here so let’s get down to business. Please enjoy the following:

Died doing what they loved. Helen.

Shooters in the club. Drinks or…?

Church empty – cobwebs and mice – Sunday  

Echo Park: Animatronic replicas dotted Serengeti

Silence broke, never to be fixed.

Chicken fled from factory. Encountered road…

Organs harvested. Son born – for that.

lion-around-2 fin



11 thoughts on “Weekly Six XLIV – Six Word Stories

  1. I’m still shuddering at the horror of the last one.


  2. Silence broken was very good indeed/

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  3. ‘Died doing what they loved. Helen.’ You always have one six word ‘lovely’ that stands out the most but, frankly, i’m at my wit’s end picking just one this time. Ay, my indecisiveness sighsighsigh. Helen, chicken, organs. My good God, I can’t even! Bloody brilliant as always.

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    1. Haha thanks for that.
      That’s the aim, to have 6/7 really good ones, rarely if ever happens.

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      1. Now worries!
        knock on every goddamn slab of wood, you never know hahahah

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      2. …still knocking since you posted that

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      3. I feel horrible for needing to make a joke revolving around cautioning you about ‘knock off’ wood and their counter-productiveness gahhh


  4. Not sure about the last one’s meaning (hard day in the sun), but others have more of a message re the times in which we live. ‘Cept the chicken – could be the original joke’s creator. Good stuff.


  5. The organs one, and of course the chicken 😉 Good ones!

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