Weekly Six XLVIII – Six Word Stories

Lionaroundwriting.com weekly  six word stories

SIX WORDS for those who like a story with a fast beginning, middle and ending. The usual eclectic mix this week. Knock yourself out, make a day of it… there’s even a bonus seventh one!

Hand severed. Chip needed; security clearance.

Psychology study shows anyone can psychology.

I read the room. Throwaway fiction.

Fortune cookie empty. Most accurate yet.

Batman surveyed Gotham. New hobby apparently.

Magician saw himself in half. Ayahuasca.

Smoke lingered. Fresh. I was close.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Six XLVIII – Six Word Stories

  1. The fortune cookie… I do love that one.

    Here is mine:
    Grandma’s patio; lingering scent of grandpa.

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    1. And I like your addition, instant vision/place


  2. Was the last one the freebie? Was my favourite!

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    1. Any one of them could be tbh sometimes they kinda roll over into the next week.
      Much thanks 🙂

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  3. Liked the empty fortune cookie one best.
    As for the severed hand, I wonder if the original owner of that hand is grateful that the chip wasn’t implanted in his/her head! 😉

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    1. Haha, that’s a great point 😂
      And thank you.
      Will visit you tomorrow it’s been too long 👍

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  4. Throwaway fiction and the fortune cookie piece, (my favorite – and so true) – superb!

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  5. Spoiling us, I see. 😛

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    1. Thank you.
      A spike in creativity, from somewhere…

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  6. I like the magician even though I had to Google… but I knew you were onto something, lol. Nice set as per.

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  7. These are pretty well-written! 🙂


  8. Hey. I think this was your best collection yet. Plenty of good ones here.

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    1. Thank you pal 🙂
      Sorry not been reading much lately.

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      1. No problem. I wasn’t either due to my vacation. Be well.

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