Love Express – Short Story

Jack Vettriano Pincer Movement

     INSTEAD OF the usual weekly six word stories, there’s this. Sometimes life really surprises us, and just one person can change us, even if briefly, take it to a dimension you never knew possible, an unforgettable experience you feel blessed to have known, to have memories of, yet left with nothing but those, grateful and absolutely saddened in one. 

We like to think our emotions are under our direct control, and most of the time that’s true, we develop ways to manage them, from good to bad. But some feelings, some connections are undeniable on a physical and emotional level. And how quickly that can happen is a wonder. But for many reasons I understand fully, it wasn’t to be. Timing is everything sometimes, no matter what else, an unintended cruelness that just… happens.

Woman. One of. Chance meeting. Man. Also.

Hit by a train. Love graffiti’d on the side. Love knocked, danced right in uninvited. Torturous love, incredible love. Bittersweet symphony. She was somehow legal. An unclassified drug.

I smiled at her. Even when alone.

Hearts crashing in bloodless moments. Passionate dalliances, dancing with a sorceress. That hot skin on mine, hugging. Bliss. Everything you couldn’t dream of. That was her intoxicating beauty.

Beautiful thief: stealing breaths. I let her.

One of a kind. Like anyone, and no one I could ever have imagined, imagining infinitely. A woman. Not a girl. Different. Dazzling. I wore shades around her.

Eyes closed, alone. Her scent, undoubtable.

Colliding hearts. Higgs boson of love. A lifetime in 3 weeks: time travel is real. She aged like beauty. Always amazing.

Perfect doesn’t exist. Yet she did.

No one is perfect. Some bodies aren’t either. Damn, she tested that theory. Straight away those eyes betrayed her personality: unreasonably amazing.

Fell in love. Still falling. Up.

Blown away. A beautiful smoke. Untouchable. Timing rang till shortchanging my heart. We couldn’t be. A brutality. She left me happy to be sad. Somehow.

Life is cruel. Love is something.

It’s better to have?…Painfully, yes. Didn’t eat for days. Love starves. A haunted mind. She wandered freely within. Everywhere I look she’s there. Everywhere, but here.

Tears fell. For her. For an impossible now.

‘I’ll always forget you,’ I lied. To myself, trying, but not really. Kissing those lips again. Crystalline memories. I was never the same. Grown. But, driven up the walls. Pulled into a Vettriano. Happy sadness.

Hypnotic dancer. Magic moments. Disappearing act.

Beauty and the least. Part of me died so I could live. I’ll never be the same. Thank you. I’ll remember kissing her; there’s no telling how many times I’ll do it, for all the ones I’ll never get.

It just…wasn’t meant to happen.

Heart returned. Ceasefire. Closure, at least. The friendliest of fire, heat I’ll always stay warm by. Helplessly, I’ll love her no matter what.

Ballerina continues to dance. Dance, ballerina.

I understand. I’m sad. Alone again. Time trapped, forever throwing pebbles at window, of no Juliet. As rescuers continue working tirelessly for man who fell in love. But they don’t know he knows how to deal with it. With words and stretching time. That he had fallen upwards, to a better place. Somehow, some way.

19 thoughts on “Love Express – Short Story

  1. It’s always a pleasure and creepy joy to read your words Lion 😋😍

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  2. Just so beautiful. Loved these, I am glad I came back to read your words. 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you, that means a lot to me, especially on this as it was a very heartfelt piece.

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  3. For writing about romance in a way that is not the least bit cliché, I tip my hat off to you (what a cliché, right? ;-)). Your use of sentence fragments makes me think of his heart shattered into a million pieces.

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    1. Massively appreciate that mags 🙂
      And I like the added meaning you thought of, that’s great it could be seen that way.

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      1. De nada, Fionn. 🙂

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  4. This was brilliant. Many great lines here. You took a often written about subject and made it fresh

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    1. Thanks Andrew, especially coming from the master on the subject.

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  5. ‘Rescuing the man who fell in love’ and many other phrases spun in this story – brilliant!

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    1. Thanks Susan, glad you enjoyed it 🙂


  6. Hey my name is Deanna and I’m just starting out with my blog. I have a few posts already, and would love for you to check them out and follow me back if you want! Thanks 😀


  7. Hi Fionn. The above comment was from ME, by the way. I hadn’t signed in properly.
    Brilliant work, as always.

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  8. This is wonderful, excruciating work. So many raw emotions captured with a scant few words. Fantastic.

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