Weekly Six L – Six Word Stories


I CONTEMPLATED doing a best-of edition for this 50th six word stories post but I’m postponing that in favour of a new group of six worders. (And if you’re wondering if that ‘L’ is a typo, it’s the roman numeral for 50)

It’s funny how that creative mind can disappear from the scene. I’ve not written or thought of many six worders lately, mind preoccupied with job hunting, other projects, including editing and joke writing. Well somehow I got my shit together. And there’s a couple bonus ones. Enjoy 🙂

Change of mind. A medical first.

Gunslinger arrived late. The bullets: early.

Bailiffs entered home. Left a house.

Honeymoon, scuba diving, sharks…life insurance.

She became a memory. Untouchable. Beautiful.

Her fishnets caught us all staring.

That smile. A ticket to anywhere.

Finger trembled. OFF. Goodbye, Grandpa. Goodbye…

12 thoughts on “Weekly Six L – Six Word Stories

  1. Was not expecting that last story and my heart just broke slightly. Not Grandpa 😦

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    1. I knew what I was doing, but feel a bit guilty about it lol
      Poor grandpa 😢
      Good to see you back 👍

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  2. Seriously, these get better and better. I would think it would be hard to keep it fresh, but you make it look easy.
    Congrats on the 50th

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    1. Kind words man, thanks as ever.
      And I’m struggling a little on the creative side but usually pull something out the bag.


  3. The one about Grandpa is heartbreaking.

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    1. Definitely turned the emotion on on that one.
      Ta mags 😊

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  4. Ah yes – the fishnets! They do catch us 😉 Great, as always!

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  5. “…fishnets caught…” lovely turn, there! 🙂

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  6. Lol don’t worry. Thanks for stopping by old friend.
    It’s a switch going off, hope that helps you 😉


  7. Guess what? I don’t get the last one. Nothing new. Nice round up of creativity though.

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