The Inspiring Words of Bruce Lee

     OF ALL the tragic deaths at a young age of a person who stood out like few before or since, Bruce Lee packed so much into his 32 years it seems almost inconceivable he was human.

At one stage I grew up on badly dubbed bootleg martial arts movie, even going to the lengths of making nunchucks out of pieces of wood and clothes line such was the influence to imitate.

But beyond his movies is where Bruce Lee really comes alive with his words, charisma and eloquence as a philosopher – and without seeming trite – was a great human being.

As amazing as his physicality on screen was, his words are what really separate him as not just an actor or martial artist, but a deep thinker full of wisdom which he arguably expressed with even greater greater ability than flying kicks or mesmerising hand speed.

Here are some words to live by from a true legend:





He essentially worked himself to death such was his dedication to entertainment in Hong Kong and Hollywood. So there’s a deep irony in many of his memorable quotes, that although hard work and success are to be strived for on whatever level, there comes a point where mortality cannot be escaped, where ambition and life’s pressures become too much even for the most physically conditioned, a stark warning on the mentality of a workaholic lifestyle.

Side note: I thoroughly recommend the book Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit by Bruce Thomas, an excellent well researched insight into Bruce Lee’s life.

17 thoughts on “The Inspiring Words of Bruce Lee

  1. A true master of life.

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  2. Nice post! Bruce Lee was a bad mutha f***er at both martial arts AND life. Full respect.

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    1. Thanks, he definitely was, a true master.

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  3. As cool as his movies were, I still find his philosophical writing the best. Striking Thoughts is a good collection, and Tao of Jeet Kun Do is fascinating. Bruce Lee’s philosophy was straightforward and profound. His skills as a martial artist are legendary. “Be like water.”

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    1. Good recommendations, I’ll check them out.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. He really was an inspiration and a legend for so many of us. There will never be another Bruce Lee. Thank you for sharing these quotes!

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    1. Your welcome 🙂
      Still amazed he managed to do everything he did on screen and off in only 32 years 😲

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    1. Thanks!
      Just delivering some of what he wrote, no more than a messenger 🙂

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  5. He was wonderful. I learned a lot from his book, “The Tao of Jeet Kune Do” when I was boxing and studying the martial arts – and I carried over some important bits of it that I like think helped to keep me alive when I was in combat in the military. Great post! He certainly was very eloquent and wise

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    1. Wow, a very powerful impact then, that’s amazing and likely on a level far beyond what most people could appreciate.
      I need to order another book 🙂

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  6. The man definitely had a lot wisdom, his ability to communicate it so beautifully is as powerful a gift to the world as Enter the Dragon.

    Great post man!

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    1. Thanks man, thanks for your thoughts on it.

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