Weekly Six LII – Six Word Stories

     Weekly six word stories image on lionaroundwriting.com

     ONE, TWO, three, four, five, six words. Should be simple right?! 🙂 This weeks six word stories are on time for the first time in a few weeks. Usually dark in nature, definitely not the right place for a shot of optimism. Do you know how hard it is to write a happy six worder?! 😀 Having said that I’m not a pessimist by any means, I’m not sure where the ‘darkness’ comes from.

Sometimes it’s tough to find an anchor point to start from, an original topic area, whatever it may be there’s so many times one word, the dreaded seventh word would make a story complete, even a basic conjunction can turn a sentence from assorted words into a story, make it sound right and adds to the syntax. Why don’t you do a seven word story? Well, six words stories have a history, and I’m far from a traditionalist, but I find it more of a challenge, a happy equilibrium between less and more. But I do have seven worders – and longer – that I’ll compile at some stage.

With that said, enjoy the latest creations:

Customs Alsatian barked. I’m the decoy…

Lecturer explained physics. Escort rolled tights.

Watering hole moon, broken, by rain.

Around. Giggling. Around. Waving. Gone: Carousel.

Ungodly shapes. Nurse screamed, running. Ultrasound.

Waving from shore. My last image.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Six LII – Six Word Stories

  1. The Carousel and Ultrasound are my favorites.

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  2. The last one is so poignant.

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    1. A few interpretations on it too.
      Cheers Mags 🙂

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      1. I re-read it after reading your comment. NOW I understand what you mean about different interpretations. How revealing that my mind jumped to one interpretation and clung to it. 🙂

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  3. Love these; always like working within the constraints of just six words

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    1. Thank you Ronn, for some reason six is the sweet spot.

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  4. “Waving from shore. My last image.” That’s poignant and just plain excellent!

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    1. Aww thanks my friend 🙂👍
      Sometimes the relatively basic six worders are quite powerful.

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  5. You nailed it with the Escort.

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    1. Au contraire I think the lecturer did 😆
      Thanks dude 👍


  6. As a former lecturer in Physics I think I would have problem focusing with an escort in the room…

    My effort

    Finally alone: locking the broom closet.

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    1. Haha
      She’s rolling them up so it’s after what he paid for.

      Another good one my friend, quite a lot of possibilities with that, always a good thing with a six worder 👍


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