Weekly Six LVI – Six Word Stories


    THE GAP between posts seems to be getting bigger and bigger, but either way, I hope you enjoy the six word stories below:

Letter sent. Letter sent. Letter unsent.

Therapist listened. Only silence. Seat empty.

Zirconia – unknowingly – a girl’s best friend.

Sixth husband’s funeral; headlights, woods, shovel.

Awards night: Sommelier detected sour grapes.

Bargain basement…talk your way out!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Six LVI – Six Word Stories

  1. The one about the bargain basement made me think of an escape room. Nice one!

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    1. Thank you once more for your kind and encouraging words!

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    1. Haha cheers man.
      Not like you to pick on anything relationship related 🙄😆

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  2. At present, my contributions to the forum are a bit spaced out too!

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    1. Writing comes and goes cheers for dropping by 👍


  3. Just keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading 😀 Cheers.

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  4. Sixth’s husbands funeral – yikes! Good stuff 🙂

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  5. monkey love funeral of 6th husband story & wonder what in store for # 7.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Monkey…I think it’s not gonna be pretty lol


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