Damned Feelings – Short Story

I kissed away her pain. I didn’t say it. I did it. But I was a misguided fool high on my own wares.

I thought I took her away from the downpour inside with; lips, touch, a warmth only a racing heart makes next to another. Skin to skin, freedom. Eyes looking back with only that moment behind them, the most fucking beautiful thing I’ve seen that I can remember.

We let go. In the flow, where time waited patiently while looking away, and nothing else existed but each other’s energy and soul, a kind of ecstatic death of each other, where no taxes or death occurs. Remember that old line?

How did we meet? Why? Of all the dating apps in the world, she…

A kind of magic, a trick, an illusion, a…another person who existed in the closest space possibly imaginable, where temporarily nothing else existed.

And it ends. And I think, why does it have to even knowing it does.

I can’t kiss or hug a memory. Neither can she. My mind will never be the same. One of the few who I’ll allow to roam there, granted through an unconditional love they hadn’t had before maybe.

Want a cigarette?

14 thoughts on “Damned Feelings – Short Story

  1. Very poetic, and a great last line.

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    1. Thank you šŸ™‚
      Much appreciated


  2. Do you feel any pain from the past? Or does time heal all wounds for some I wonder. Excellent writing.

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    1. Pain is temporary no matter how it feels directly at the time.
      Thanks for dropping by.


  3. This really cuts to the core … damned feelings indeed.

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    1. As long as we learn it’s a temporary pain that helps in the future

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      1. Knowing that doesn’t make it hurt less, at least for me.

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      2. I hear ya.
        Maybe I’m lying to myself? But so far I’ve found that.

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  4. This sure reflects your mood, but I guess it reflects more a certain kind of pain kept concealed in some corner of the heart, for far too long now. Perhaps, you seek to be freed of it by bringing it to light?

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    1. Hey Asha.
      Yes I think you are correct, and sometimes writing about it is a cathartic process, an expression/scream into the void


  5. A deep meaningful wrtite my friend. Happy to see your return.
    Hope you are well.

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    1. Thanks my friend.
      Doing ok, post January blues.
      How’s things with you?

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      1. All good. Working hard on my mauscriupt and blogging,. Good to see you back

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