Just Checking In

Creativity: where does it go?

A constant on the writers battlefield is the search for creativity, for the new, for stimulation and fresh ideas, and as such it becomes a bit of a tired cliche continuously being moaned about. Well this blog post is ‘moan free’.

Regulars might wonder where have the six word stories gone? Well, they haven’t really gone anywhere, I’ve just stopped thinking about them as I’ve been doing other projects and I no longer sit on the commute jumbling together six worders on my phone. I’m totally out of the habit.

Instead, I’ve cycled through writing jokes for a stand up comedy gig, read books, stormed career ideas, and now I’m settled into the pursuit of copywriting, creating a portfolio of ideas so that when I get into the world of advertising I have something to back up my assertion that I’m creative and good with words – and someone might (they’d better!) pay me for that.

It’s very beta stage just now but check out http://www.lionaroundcopy.com for the smallest sample. I’d put more on there but I need to keep my other ideas off the web just now.

It’s been nearly two months since I posted, a major dip in productivity on here – and there’s a mild bloggers guilt – but it’s been filled with good stuff offline. I’ve met lots of new people, still going to the gym, done things I’ve dreamed of doing, rediscovered my lust for travel and other cultures, and finally at a stage to push forwards and go for a career. In other words 2019 has been good and full of nice surprises.

I’ll try and get some more stories up in due course and I hope all the regulars and followers I’ve been lucky to have, I hope you’re still posting away, creating, and following whatever endeavors your heart is set on, writing or otherwise.

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