Just Don’t Give a Click

      EVER CATCH YOURSELF in that cycle? Phone to hand, thumb to screen, and without even being conscious of it you’re on a website for no reason at all. One of the same websites from your favourites. And there is absolutely no (conscious) explanation why you just did that.

I recently caught myself doing this. But I’ve been doing it for awhile. And it’s a really terrible habit. Genuine mindless screen tapping. In a cycle of the same websites. It’s not even novelty seeking. It’s conditioning in its purest form.

We are being bamboozled by the dark yet simple art of classical conditioning techniques. Tap this = reward. Scroll here = nonstop stream of media, from cats committing outrageous acts against gravity and idiots being idiotic. Until eventually you’re checking your phone for no reason at all. I mean there’s no thought behind it. None. It’s become a reaction.

When’s the last time you went on YouTube and actually searched for something you wanted to see? Or on Netflix? We’re becoming so easily led down the electric avenue, that we don’t care that there’s 1,000,000s of options. We’re happy to be dictated to by an algorithm. An algorithm that gives us what we like…And only that. Essentially taking your life telescope and turning it around.

We’re lazy. But it’s not just laziness. This isn’t being too lazy to get up and change a TV channel. This is consent to be spoon fed whatever drivel media makers wish.

People don’t like choice. A 50:50 is fine. But 1000s of 1000s of options we cannot really deal with cognitively. So we open wide and swallow the syrupy electric medicine like a good little kid before bed time, and descend into a realm where donating huge chunks of our time to feckless visual pursuits becomes a norm.

Are you not entertained? Well frankly Maximus Decimus Meridius it’s fucking difficult to be entertained when you’ve seen the most extreme videos and the content becomes like a weakening morphine drip, the dose is the same, but somehow it’s just not getting the job done. You start hoping for a cat video in which the owner gets eaten alive by a street gang of fame starved moggies.

So what am I getting at? Be more conscious of your time and where it goes. It’s not coming back.

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