Apocalypse When

STUPIDITY IS not in the headlines. And yet it is more virulent than ever because people keep breeding. And people are holed up at home even more now – breeding. And in 9 months a spike in population will occur, with that new generation known as ‘Generation C’ short for Covid.

Education doesn’t provide logic or rationale as many will have you believe. A degree in anything does not make someone smart on its own. In fact education as we know it in terms of classroom based learning is nothing more than a creche with exams at the end of the year. You’re exposed to some stimuli, 90% of which doesn’t help you once you leave school.

I’m not sure if there is a degree above a PhD but the corona virus (what other virus?!) has established that a lot – billions – have a beyond-a-Phd in Utter Lunacy.

You find yourself in an empty aisle at the supermarket silently staring at the milk options, having not breathed once since entering. And some asshole with a deathwish materialises, brushing past to grab a bottle while exhaling their sickly life altering particles of illness all over you. Maybe.

It’s supermarket Pac-Man. There’s no hi score, just relief at exiting ASAFP wondering if a home made mocha is worth risking it all for.

Meanwhile, people in my neighbourhood have seemingly been raised from the dead. I’ve never seen half of them before and now – of all times – they decide to congregate and talk/shout to each other in their own apartment regional accents. They were happy to self isolate for years now all of a sudden social distancing is beyond their grasp. There’s a certain miserable bastard that can be united by a global death threat.

I tried not to, I really did but I bought some items from Jeff. Amazon orders are left at the door now after the delivery person knocks and they’ve scurried away before I can thank them.

Shop workers are being hailed as heroes. They aren’t. Some feel they have no choice, others are too naive to care. I don’t see anyone in supermarkets with gloves or masks. Disgusting. Shop workers are not heroes but they are highlighting the fact nobody cares about low pay jobs. And on one hand I am immensely grateful they are still working, on the other angry, because they’ve been used by the companies they work for and government with it’s hero’s propaganda nonsense. Apparently hero’s don’t deserve a solid wage or any protection from the deadly virus at all. Same goes for NHS workers.

ClapForBoris is the sort of effluent filled baloney sandwich (with a sprig of basil on top) that you can expect from the UK government who are lying daily and lying big.

An utter disgrace that is not being focused on is that a tiny fraction of NHS workers have even been tested for corona virus. Or given any equipment at all! It’s one of the biggest scandals ever. EVER. And obvious.

But no one reports on it in any sizeable way. Every major news network is overflowing with death statistics like it’s a replacement for the Olympics and every other sporting event with no set rules or time on the event. America will reluctantly claim number one status and corona gold.

British people have been going to parks and other public areas en masse as usual. Some places reportedly busier than ever. I’m usually against sweeping measures but it’s selfish beyond reason for people to potentially spread the virus that may not kill them but can kill someone vulnerable. I’ve seen so many examples of idiocy relating to precautions I’m genuinely fucking furious at times.

Herd immunity will be carved onto the tombstone of Boris Johnson. The Conservatives have botched the hell out of the virus’ presence. The ineptitude, lack of adaptability, and sickening depths of arrogance by Britian really highlights where it is globally. Thundering towards mediocrity. A population that has to be told to wash it’s hands…

Anyway, stay safe, stay smart, and remember shopping is the most dangerous thing you can do that you need to do.

6 thoughts on “Apocalypse When

  1. Maybe the increased divorce rate will balance it out! Hope you’re taking care and staying safe!

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    1. Haha! True.
      I am, you stay safe too.

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  2. Hope you’re staying safe and taking care!

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      1. That’s good. I’m doing okay. Been working from home.

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      2. I’m glad to hear it.
        Same here, I’m glad to have a job.

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