Robo Job – Starring your resume

THE WORLD: New recipe! Specially added insanity.

If you ever thought/fantasised the world could run out of crazy and become more logical you are wrong and as stupid as I am.

Exhibit A: Automated CV AI

Typically, you see a job. You apply for the job. You’ve spent time tweaking your resume/curriculum vitae and a cover letter for that job. Finally, it’s ready. You format it one last time, check the details and then tap or click the send button, and away it goes.

On the receiving end you picture an enthused reader looking thoughtful as they go over a printed version of your crafted PDF document, nodding their head at your gloriously matched abilities to the position available. Of course, they will extrapolate relevant information about you from every position held and marvel at how although not a strict skills match, the abilities you have across all employment history is more than suitable.

Instead, there’s every chance a gormless life-resistant fuckwit might read it, but they won’t have a clue. Unless your CV is essentially the template match for the job description, they will discard your application as if it has delivered two pages of surprisingly well researched personal and direct family insults before moving on to the next one.

It seems there could be nothing worse than a personality deficient swivel-chaired-twat deciding your fate. Well, hold on a second.

Enter: Stage Left – ATS! (Applicant Tracking Software)

WTF is that? – is the correct response. You can likely gather that it is not good. Larger businesses are using ATS which scans your resume for key words. Essentially the software zips through your digital CV and if you don’t have the right words it’s looking for you are shit out of luck.

Yes, now, we live in an age where a software programme looks at your CV and if you haven’t performed SEO for it, your career history no matter how glorious, if lacking key words, will just trigger another automated email about how you were considered for the role but they regret to inform you you haven’t been successful this time.

Fuck. Off. Applying for jobs is one of the least favourite activities of anyone. Below recovering bank charges and self flagellation. Even if you’re in a terrible job it’s still a drain to apply for a different role. Which makes things like ATS detestable.

We’re at a stage where people aren’t even hiring people. Some flawed algorithm is selecting candidates for roles. It’s like a terrible manifestation of a 1940s sci-fi novel turned real, an alarming trend.

The entire job hiring process was straight forward:

  1. Send CV
  2. CV is read
  3. Applicant offered/not offered interview

It’s gone from that to being obfuscated and monetised by huge companies that want to slow the whole process down while sucking employers and applicants of time and most importantly millions of pounds with no aim of making the process efficient or better.

There’s a middleman in the jobs market. And it’s a disgusting mess. It is easy to think that it’s deliberate, to prevent job hopping and to keep people tied to their roles. But really it’s just part of a sprawling disgrace which calls itself recruitment.

I’m off to compliment the ATS in code by pasting sexy HTML in white text on my resume.

6 thoughts on “Robo Job – Starring your resume

  1. Rejection is a bit like the sort one experiences on having one’s novel slushed. Maybe publishers use a similar technique. Good to hear from you again. I hope you are staying safe during these unreal days.

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    1. Hi Andrew, good to hear from you.
      Im doing ok, how about you?

      I imagine it may be very very similar to book publishing. I’ve no doubt there’s similar mechanisms in place. Any written material in digital format can be processed by software to designated settings.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, we’re OK here, Fionn, though climbing the walls with frustration!

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      2. Yeah I’m finding the same from time to time, but keeping busy.

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  2. Here are so many things I didnt even know, Fionn.

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    1. Hey, nice to hear from you. How are you?
      Yeah it’s a fairly new practice I think, but a troubling way ahead when human judgement with it’s flexibility is deemed inferior to a coded software package.


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