Straight to the Corona Artery

THIS corona virus has really stolen the light away from everything else, what a fucking diva.

Parents are getting irate because they realise they have children. Stupid people are continuing to be stupid and its fantastic because you can now measure it by how wide a berth you’re given passing on a pavement, how early/late it happens, and how much of a gap there is behind you at a supermarket. Warm breath on your neck is a very bad sign.

Don’t hate me more than required, I’m just doing my part by clogging up the web with another article on the virus, part of my EU quota. Before we in the UK leave the EU.

All in all, another week of grotesque lying during the Tories press conferences, saying all of this was unpredictable. Who could have guessed care workers with no PPE would become silent killers aiding the spread and death of Covid-19?! I’d trust a freshly born baby to make choices based on blinking when shown two different policies side by side more than the unsympathetic assistants of death in the UK Conservative Party. It’s a national disgrace how badly the population as a whole have been lied to so brazenly.

And it turns out that there’s a set value for a life. How much do you think a life is worth? No. Lower. Much lower. If you or a loved one die from corona virus, your spouse, family, or relatives will be entitled to £60,000. Let that bounce around for several seconds. Sixty grand is all you are worth.

Well, it’s good to know we’re still top of the world rankings in something. Then I remember it’s with covid deaths… And that’s even with all the statistical hocus pocus they’ve pulled on real figures since day one. You like me, can figure that the real death totals are well below those reported. Not including non-hospital deaths in daily totals is one way to really fudge the fudging figures.

Well, I’m off for a quarantine run. Except it’s not quarantine. The meaning has become redundant. If anyone is within 2 metres of me I’m not running fast enough.

Stay safe. Watch Netflix. And save the NHS.

6 thoughts on “Straight to the Corona Artery

  1. A couple of years ago, the UN or some study made the assessment that the greatest threat to health and safety worldwide currently is dysfunctional governments – who can’t handle earthquakes, disasters, create wars, neglect their people.

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    1. That’s it in a nut shell.
      A government that nurtures their people reaps the benefits, and vice versa.

      I think big business and the combination of sheer unchecked lies and greed have really ramped up the dysfunctional nature of countries especially with globalisation factored in.

      And on the macro level you have individual family units that have their own governance, good or bad.
      It all ties in.

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      1. And to finish it off, “When a fish stinks, it stinks from the head”

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  2. Well said. Indeed, this is a massive test for us all, but specially for the existing governments. The real face is shown now, their capability, sanity and maturity. Take if for example the leadership in New Zealand, or even Sweden. They have a sustainable plan for during and after the crisis that touches many aspect, not only the pandemic itself (e.g. environmental and economic sustainability). While on the other hand, we have countries with outdated and retired governments, members who shall better be on the other receiving side or start rather gardening – read they should simple retire. They are making a mess, not being able to lead, distorting information and acting like a chicken without the head. We are in 21. century with sophisticated data systems, large spectrum of empirical scientific evidences that pandemics were predicted and a ticking bomb. And guess what? After this one another new disease will emerge. Its nothing new. What is new is the incapable responses and a total surprise of how to handle this crisis. But lets not be to pessimistic and shall ignore the incapable, rather we shall look towards progressive leaders, good practices and creative people and communities who have gone beyond the imaginable. The social bonding, virtual support, sharing and caring read and see in countless human stories that circulate around the globe atm is simply hearty(can one say that?) and touching. I say people goodwill, kindness and sympathy wins. Lets embark on the board of the right ship. Voila. Have a lovely run!

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    1. I agree with your views 🙂
      It’s very easy to get sucked into a belief we’re in a world run by uncaring assholes but there’s plenty of people who are working hard to make the world better on many levels and that’s important to keep in mind.

      I think the major result is that sadly death is cheap, and the economy has been valued ahead of people dying even by the governments in democratically elected countries.
      People will be less naive after all this.


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