Disconnected: UK Government Advertising

KNOCK KNOCK. Who’s there? Ineffective public messages and a lack of leadership.

Throughout the Covid-19 situation the Conservative/Tory government in the UK have been ‘in power’ – as in they get to make major decisions. Synonymous with chasms in logic and reasoning ability. Before you get angry this isn’t about politics, it’s about incompetence (which has led to literal deaths and other forms) and if you can’t see that your reality isn’t working. Try adjusting the aerial.

And in terms of advertising, I can’t think of a more out-of-touch with reality PR department based off the posts on Facebook regarding Covid-19 and NHS (National Health Service) to the recent one about ‘Fatima’, a ballerina potentially and ludicrously retraining as a cyber expert. Because if a ballet dancer does need to retrain for work, that would be the most obvious transition apparently. *Sidenote: US photographer not happy her pic was used for campaign

What follows is a montage of posts made on the official Conservative Facebook page from March 2020 onwards, a snapshot of the continuing period of Covid-19 incompetence and abject lack of care for UK citizens. (I wanted them to be arranged chronologically but they’ve not uploaded that way)  Some of them are solid, but judge for yourself on a blissful stroll down Covid-lane, adjusting your mask while tossing bread at ducks and swans:

Alert? Like we’re going to see corona virus particles coming at us like mosquitoes?And…we can control the virus? Well why didn’t they tell us sooner?! It’s October 2020 now and clearly the virus is just really naughty and won’t listen to our requests for it to disappear.
Careful with your spacing! Stay keep a 2M distance alert, or stay alert and keep a 2M distance? How many people were even aware what 2m represents?
Britain is so dumb and unhygienic, people need to be reminded in a childish way to wash their hands.
But once the children get to school they can all mingle and bring the virus home. Now that’s homework.
Nicely done.
Inside is underground?! Err…
That 7th, 8th… person is clearly the real danger. Numerologists and/or witches arebehind some of these ideas.
‘IF YOU CAN’! Shockingly weak advice, a real disaster right at the start of the outbreak.
Back in the panic when a vaccine was touted as being the saviour which is total unfeasible fantasist shit. Just a way to try and distract and placate.
Yes they do. Why does this look like a mug shot?
You can’t. There’s not been and still isn’t enough equipment or facilities to do so 7 months later.
Yes they do. Which is why the UK governments only started to seriously advise mask wearing in July! 4 months after the outbreak.
Just bring your homework back with you, not the virus.
Good luck with that.
The cartoon element really doesn’t convey the severity of the situation.
IT’s not easy rounding up 5 friends every time you want to meet up.
Too weak. Masks should have been mandatory for shops buses and public confused spaces.
The house and ground should be different colours at least.
Is this an MS Paint job?
Like the Government these characters are unreal and from another world.
It’s just a waste of space this one.
The 2m distance was never really illustrated well for those unaware of distances.
Not helpful. And look how big that corona virus has become. Quick! Let’s get that giant syringe into it like a medieval battering ram at a castle gate.
I believe this was the SNP. The notion of Covid being a two way transfer is at least addressed.
Bubble trouble: around this time the messages became unclear, changed frequently and people lost track of the ‘rules’.
Terribly worded or terribly illustrated, take your pick.
The news everyone was waiting for. The animals would now get some visual stimulation outside of their cruel small enclosures.
But don’t bother to make it compulsory. Of course.
Why not just say, gathering in groups is dangerous?
An obsession with six. The Rule of 6 – I can hear the juvenile titters from whoever came up with this.
Weather is irrelevant. Just take an umbrella. That’s the key…to make sure they keep their distance.
Subtle brainwashing to make us think that it’s always raining outside? Therefore stay inside? Of all countries to tell that to…
It actually makes sense! Bravo. And look, a real person, not a cartoon.
Total bollocks. A tie in to the scandal of governmental employees having shares and interests in the makers of this drug.
You could be waiting for some time.
What a wonderful realistic scene.
2 metres – at one point that’s all that needed to be said. Simple. Good.
You have to self isolate before you get the results back, if you managed to get tested. Flawless.
I can’t help but think in a me-obsessed culture knowing it helps others isn’t enough of an incentive.
Needlessly sloped lettering. Only on hills?!
Having to encourage people to bin their litter at all is sad but apparently necessary.
Direct wording. Finally they did it.
IF YOU CAN? What is this? They’re capable of being on public transport, of course they fucking can.
In the shape of an old telephone…What?!
Clever and effective. If you’ve seen the sitcom Friends.
Let’s stick with cartoons.
Much better. More real, more urgent.
They finally got around to it.
Awful colour clash.
Just wear a bloody mask and wash your hands.
If You Can – again…
Of all the places, opening pubs was deemed important. Where people get drunk in an enclosed space forgetting about society’s rules let alone social distancing – what could go wrong?
Finally, smart wording. Still disappointed adults need reminders to do a basic of life.
Why such a sinister picture? And the temperature is normal. I despair.
Control is an illusion. A useless slogan they kept jamming down your eyeballs for 4 months.
It only took 3+ months…
Human Trials – sounds truly awful. And whoever signed up for that is as naive as they get. That’s if they signed up for it.
A picture of an outside. ‘If they’ just needs to be removed here. Stop twatting about and give some clear instructions.

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