Words are Cheap – For One Client Only *SPECIAL OFFER*

DO YOU need a copywriter or content produced?

I’m branching out to become a freelance copywriter. To celebrate and officially open up LionAroundCopy I’m offering one client a 50% discount on the total cost of a project – of any project.

Small project, long project? Content writing or straight copywriting? Whatever you need I’ll do the project at half the expected cost.

OK, that’s the ‘hard sell’ out of the way. Here’s the soft sell: I have experience in all mediums of writing from well researched academic to light and comedic – whatever the tone and style I can produce the goods.

Long copy, medium length copy, advertising copy to the shortest copy, I’m comfortable with words so it doesn’t matter how many there are. From editing books to professional reports on to the more creative realms of content writing articles and fictional stories I have nearly two decades of writing experience behind me with many more to come. And not just that! I have a unique experience in life that gives me an edge in terms of approach and thought towards projects with a very global outlook and appreciation.

In a world where it seems as if every second person is claiming to be a copywriter of incredible repute rest assured that I actually have the credentials to produce copy that is engaging and sells and a digital trail you’re welcome to check into for reassurance if any is needed.

Visit: http://www.lionaroundcopy.com

Or email: lionaroundcopy@mail.com

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