Write It, Do It


PART REMINDER to self, part reminder to you the reader.

Do you ever get stuck in a cycle of procrastination? Of course you do. You’re human – although it is 2020 – a robot or software programme reading this is totally feasible. In which case /^%/÷_÷€¥,,÷£.

Your mind is a lake. Lake’s have mosquitoes, ugly carp and they can freeze. Keep it flowing by taking a minute to get a tributary flowing and freshen up.

It’s incredibly easy to forget basic things we know to be true. And writing stuff down is really a vital component of that. Write a list. On paper. On a board. On your skin. Whatever. Just don’t do it digitally. There’s simply no link between the tactile writing element that you get with your hand and pen which is crucial to the process. And having written it down there it is.

In beautiful or disgusting personal cursive, or capitalised if you’re a psychopath (kinda not really – don’t believe every pop-psych study you read) your idea, your plan, your blueprint for world domination is there to see. From your hand you have vomited out the idea from your mind into reality. You can see it. Anyone else can see it too if it’s not being kept under wraps. It exists!!!

Ergo (finally a chance to use one of the ten latin words I know) the idea(s) has a chance of actually happening. Until you get it out your neurons it’s simply a thought but when you see it there in ink or pencil or…blood, it has come into being and has legitimacy even if it looks like shit.

Sometimes, it feels like even 10 minutes set aside is more than you have. That’s just bullshit – you know it and so do I. Don’t lie to yourself. Instagram can fuck off as well as any other nonessential media or distraction. To think fast you need to think slow from time to time to flip the great psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s book title.

Put on some relaxing Japanese music or whatever your fancy, pause the world that owes you nothing, focus on today and the future and do it. Or don’t. But you know you should. It’ll boost your productivity, trust me.

Enjoy your day.

10 thoughts on “Write It, Do It

  1. I wrote a number of cynical/humorous Moron Writing posts, about writers block, etc. I made my narrator Jason Mustardseed, obsessive about the physical act of writing: pens and pencils selection, etc. But it’s true. I need to write in pen and paper first. I’d write more of them, but I’m procrastinating.

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    1. 😂 Good to hear from you – and your humour.
      I’ll take a gander 😎


    2. Can you drop a link to the moron writing? I can’t find it through the app.


      1. You asked for it! The posts are in reverse chronological order, tho. I would start with the earlier ones that are about writing compulsions. https://wordpress.com/view/moreonwriting.wordpress.com


  2. Your post suddenly made me want to sit down in front of my computer with a redbull in my hand and write some epic stuff while metal plays in the background. Thanks for the inspiration 😊

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    1. You’re welcome!
      I hope you did it 🙂

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  3. Oh bum. Seeing you post this just jolted me into realising that I’ve been procrastinating getting back to beta reading Falling. I’ve saved it somewhere & I’m buggered if I can find it. Apologies for being useless.

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    1. Haha good to hear from you.
      How you doing? Still writing? I need to visit your site.

      I can send the book again – no obligation to read what nobody has described as the greatest thriller since the printing press was invented.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, still writing the accidental Greek tale – up to around 70k words with an end now in sight! I’ve got Falling saved SOMEWHERE along with notes I was taking. Must find it and finish it cos I want to know what happens!!!

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      2. I appreciate you remembering the book – let me know what you think. I can’t lie and say the feedback so far has been great :’D
        I still remember your book series and will continue. Also feeds into my recent thirst for Greek mythology/ Egyptian mythology.

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