Lucky Star: Productception Part 1

IF YOU’RE of a certain vintage you might just remember watching a TV in 2002 and being spellbound by a trailer for a new movie. It didn’t explain much. There wasn’t much dialogue – just intrigue as a sleek silver Mercedes prowled through a moonlit night, free in a city on desolate roads: inside an enigmatic and moody Benicio Del Torro. ‘Lucky Star‘ announced a voice. Lucky Star?! OK, but when’s the release date? When is it coming to a cinema near me?

Well — maybe it’s clicked. It never arrived in a cinema anywhere close to anybody. Michael Mann (of the excellent Collateral fame) directed the 30 second trailer which ran to two and a half minutes if you watched the full cut online at which holds no relation to the product now. Mercedes-Benz commissioned the piece to market the SL500 model car and is one of the most memorable marketing pieces I’ve seen on television. You wanted to see the movie. You remembered the car. And it built an intrigue to know more that is exceptionally rare in a product.

It turns out my memory has done a hell of a job forgetting the details. The Merc is surrounded by lots of traffic and the action is fast an furious. There’s talk of IPO’s, stock markets, gambling and a James Bondesque vibe with quick cuts as investigators are seemingly closing in on the main character. The version that reached me was only 30 seconds (possibly even a minute?) and mostly featured this suave, mysterious character evading people and making traffic jams look cool in the SL500.

Walter Campbell of AMV BBDO agency reknown and of fame in his own right is the man behind the creation: and also lead the awe inspiring Guinness Surfers advert, which was justly voted the greatest advert ever on a Channel 4 programme in the UK.

Walter was kind enough to spare some time to respond to me when I asked about the concept of creating Lucky Star. What inspired the creative process? What was the germination of such an intriguing and audacious concept?

Part 2: A full break down of the concept will arrive tomorrow.

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