Weekly Six 56 – Six Word Stories

    THE GAP between posts seems to be getting bigger and bigger, but either way, I hope you enjoy the six word stories below (OP:2018/11/22) :

Awards night: Sommelier detected sour grapes.

Therapist listened. Only silence. Seat empty.

Zirconia – unknowingly – a girl’s best friend.

Sixth husband’s funeral; headlights, woods, shovel.

Letter sent. Letter sent. Letter unsent.

Bargain basement…talk your way out!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Six 56 – Six Word Stories

  1. I always loved these. How are you?

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    1. Thank you Andrew, I haven’t written any new ones lately, a bit busy with other projects, such is life!

      I’m well, setting up a business (I’ll have a post up at some point about it).
      How are you doing? Still writing?

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      1. Yeah, I just started writing again. I had open heart surgery last year, so I was out of blogging for 7 months. I just returned last week.
        Great to connect with you

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      2. Whoa!
        That’s major, I hope all is well and recovery is going smoothly.
        Writing is a very cathartic process I’m sure you’ll have plenty of words and stories to publish – I’ll drop by.
        Good to hear you’re back on it!

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      3. All is well now. Thank you. Stay inspired.

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