When a Pandemic Becomes a Mockery of Your Logic


We’re in a double bind. And it’s effects are devastating. If you protest you’re potentially giving other people the virus. If you do nothing you’re agreeing to do nothing and be passive about an absurdly terrible situation that the government is doing little about.

For something that has shut down the UK and much of the planet, it’s astonishing how little anyone is discussing the science behind Covid-19. It’s been nearly a year. There’s been so little debate on it in real empirical terms it’s an insult to intelligence. Wake the fuck up. This is a scamdemic.

The obvious solution at the beginning was to protect the vulnerable and shut down inbound and outgoing travel links. That didn’t happen.

What did happen is…well, not much of anything. The situation a year after has not changed. If anything its has regressed. The solution is worse than the problem now and has been for months.

Stop using the word lockdown. There hasn’t been a proper lockdown in the UK or any real quarantine.

The effects of people being cooped up in their flats and houses is and has been devastating for some, from people trapped in domestic abuse with no escape, to a total lack of persobla space and an ensuing chaos eith a headless leaderless government.

All the while the economics of it all are crushing people’s livelihoods and future prospects. And on the subject of economics, money is put before your health and my health and still is. Don’t kid yourself into thinking the Conservatives of all political parties, gives a flying shit about you as a citizen. Let go of the teat. You’re an adult now. Realise that the people you voted to run things are utterly incompetent on a criminal scale.

And show no signs of improving.

Some select people are making a killing while people are being killed, and the longer the freeze on your liberties the more they make and benefit.

This is an opportunity for some horrific people to shuffle pieces around and make political moves and money moves, with zero ethics or consideration for the greater good. There’s power grabs all over the place, from here to Slovenia to Italy (who have an unelected ‘democratic’ government).

Stop calling them elite. Or powerful. Or any other superlative word that suggests control by any of those with fictions of care for the citizens. They’re just people. And it’s not outrageous to suggest that involuntary manslaughter charges be brought against many politicians.

This whole situation is a cluster fuck and symptomatic of a selfish, sociopathic, greedy type of personality that is becoming a scourge to humanity when allowed to run wild without regulation. Only recently the government tried to pass a bill to allow kids to spy on their parents. That’s the sort of crazy shit that happens when we don’t pay enough attention to those charged with looking after the country and our best interests.

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