Three Kinds of Disturbing

The first one is relating to WordPress and their wish to act on my behalf. All because I wanted to link my LinkedIn account to WordPress, so that when I publish an article on Castle Coaching, it automatically creates a post on LinkedIn – automation, nice and easy, thank you coders.


Well, privacy, cookies, ridiculously long terms and conditions and wishing to access every morsel of data are hardly new concepts, but they never stop being important.

Next up, exbibit B.
If you thought propaganda was ever just the product of right wing nationalism, communism or any other political party, you’ve been asleep at the wheel. Marketeers the world over have been doing a subtler art of propaganda in the ads themselves, as well as PR when needed whenever say, a Coke plant uses up all the locals water.

Propaganda is the art of persuasion without any illusions or magic, it can be considered the honest version of advertising. It is designed to tell you what to do, not to let you think for your self. For me propaganda is a relic of the past reserved for war time or totalitarian novels.
Not so much. The once great National Health Service (NHS) is using propaganda to get people to have the Covid vaccine (which if you do any research your self and ought to if you’re going to have it, is far from a well researched vaccine with enough robust experimentation).


I was shocked when I saw the last batch of posters, but now it’s getting out of hand.

And finally: Amazon wins Monopoly.

Search engines are so geared towards diverting and funnelling you into buying stuff instead of finding relevant things you actually search for they’ve gone from being humanities best friend to an enemy fairly quick sharp.

Google has destroyed what was once a great search engine. Bing isn’t much better. Or the others, although Ecosia says they plant a bunch of trees which are based on the number of searches made – I’d like some evidence. And the advent of SEO, the ability to game the system, rigged algorithms, and paid ads has turned the front pages of any search engine into a visual homogenised outhouse.

So if you want to buy a video camera, if you haven’t heard of them, there’s the option to buy from Amazon.

Don’t collect Go. Don’t bother opening your laptop. Just read a book. Or make the thing you wanted to buy from household items.

2 thoughts on “Three Kinds of Disturbing

  1. I thank you for your post. All three of your issues are disturbing and should be cause for alarm for any and all who choose to remain free it act and think and not be led about like sheep. My question is there a solution? Can we override, so to speak this system that has consumed our everyday life?

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this. As someone who likes solutions beyond dialogue, I’m thinking of the correct course. Can I stop using search engines? Hmm that’s a tricky one, there is a VPN that I could buy to reduce my data being collected but the search results would be much the same.
      I can avoid Amazon, sure.

      Why does WordPress want access and permission to potentially alter posts and comments? What sort of twisted control freak would ask for it? That’s free speech violated.

      NHS propaganda…I can’t do much about that. I can dircet peole i know to questiin research methods and statistics, but so far most peolle dont care and act giddy to get a vaccine like it’s a little treat from the government. And I can only control my actions. It’s intertwined with money and politics in a narrow area of governance neither of which I’m directly involved with.

      Sometimes raising awareness and questioning them is enough if these things lead to dialogue and thinking.
      But that’s not enough at a certain point.

      All the things mentioned I could survive without, sure. When things become far reaching and embedded it’s tough to find ways but there are ways to navigate around them or stop them.

      Boycotting is one step. Protesting another. But mass action is needed which need organisation and willing people. Maybe I’m a hypocrite at present as I’m not doing more but I do think what I should be doing or what I could be doing, a precursor to action.


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