About this Lion

      lion-around cool

     I’M THE MALE of the species from Scotland, where everyone owns a castle and pisses whisky. *Some of the preceding sentence may contain factual errors.*

I’ve been writing and reading for a long old time. I’m now trying to get into the published material side of things after studying psychology. I’m building up a bank of short story material, accumulating rejection slips, and finding my legs in the long story side of things; one book written, currently with unresponsive agents, and another finished in the process of editing.

Hold on..I need shortbread..that’s better..now where was I?

Like many writers I have written a vast amount of stuff and like children’s school meals, large portions remain unfinished. That isn’t the case so much anymore since I started being a bit more disciplined.

I write about all sorts, largely drawing my inspiration from real life events, comedy, tragedy, philosophy, psychology, futuristic musings and the dark recess of my mind. I say recess, it’s the only recess: it’s got to hold everything.

On a more serious note I love writing (ok – that’s probably already been established), lifting weights and learning. Writing/ reading is my sedentary downtime, going to the gym balances it out nicely and I can’t imagine not having the physical aspect. Exercise

twitter pic

really is addictive. I’ve included a photo (unprofessionally taken) and opened myself up to ridicule and wild recognition on the streets of Edinburgh (aye right!) so you can put a face to the writing and be assured this blog isn’t run by a cutting edge bot, although I’m sure it’d be better than me…at algorithms – creatively? – I’m not so sure.

Enjoy the blog and please comment, like, add and link me and share your work – after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Currently editing Down to Earth as I try to get book The Red Coffin published about my part in a journey around the world.



All works of fiction/non-fiction LionAroundWriting ©


150 thoughts on “About this Lion

  1. Hey Fionn, if you have any story that fits the “horror’ genre, post a link for it on my page to be in the “Halloween Horror, Best Free Read on the internet event.” Post you link in the comments here: https://parlorofhorror.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/attn-writers-and-authors-best-free-read-on-the-internet-horror-story-event/ Get it in this weekend to be eligible for the 2nd promoted post and award prize. 🙂

  2. I’ve just followed you and If it wasn’t because of your awesome posts, it would have beeen because of you blog name. Just hellishly perfect. XP

    1. Haha thank you kindly. What’s in a name right?

  3. Hello! I just recently started up a wordpress for my writing and I’m still admiring all these shiny new buttons (oh, how my noob-yness emanates). When I found your blog, it made me absolutely giddy! All the content and all these helpful links. I’ll be following from now on, and I hope to read a lot more in the future!

    Also, shortbread. Yes. People need more of that.

    1. Haha thanks for stopping by, I’ll take a visit to your blog later 🙂 After buying some shortbread of course.

  4. Just got to follow a lion who loves a line of mine! (Sorry, I could not resist showing my lame humor.) Nice blog!

    1. Didnt you see the sign? Wordplay accepted here.
      Thank you for dropping by ☺

  5. There’s no comment box on your Useful Links for Writers page, so I’ll comment on that over here.

    Gary Smailes reveals the true secret of success for new writers within the first three minutes of his TED talk: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

    Thanks for unearthing that gem and putting it where others can benefit.

    1. No probs, thanks for dropping by. Who you know it is. Someone can write the greatest book never read but it doesnt matter if they dont have the connection. Its a bit of a sad fact of life but true in most areas of it.
      And for some reason there is no comment box on header pages, no idea why not.

  6. Hmmm. Not that I’m edging for a fight….

    But a gorilla is curious, who would win a fight? A lion or a gorilla?

    Anyway, good to see another beast around this wordpress thing.

    1. Interesting thought…maybe you stick to the jungle, I’ll stick to the grasslands.
      There’s a monkey around too:

      1. I’m finding my people. It’s amazing.

  7. I look forward to following. I’m venturing into this writing world myself and I’m gathering company either to push me along or languish with me! (Or do opposite of what I’m doing. However it works.)

  8. I have nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award. Happy to do so! Check it out at http://www.jenniefitzkee.com

    1. Cheers Jennie, but I don’t take part in blog awards.

      1. I totally understand, and I just might bow out of future awards, too. Just hope you know how much I enjoy your blog!

  9. Hahaha 😀 loved your introduction! Especially the humor 😀 I am happy that there is still hope for book 2 😀

    Great meeting you!
    May you enjoy your writing adventure and never tire of it.
    Dajena 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      See you around Moonskittles/ Dajena 🙂

      1. You are welcome! Yes, I will stop by for sure 🙂

  10. Nice origin story yourself Mr. Lion. Made me giggle… or was that *roar* :p

  11. Psychology? Well there’s your mistake. Never, EVER know what they’re really thinking…It spoils the mood. Delusion = GOOD. Reality = BAD.

    1. haha.
      Strangely, some things I know are a gift and a curse.

  12. Where in Scotland? I spent 5 years in Aberdeen 🙂

    1. Cool. Im usually between Dundee and Edinburgh. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. VictoryInTrouble April 28, 2016 — 8:07 PM

    Sure, taunt me with shortbread! 🙂 Can’t wait to dig around in here. Thanks for following. 🙂

  14. There is a lot sense in that there word wrangling @FionnGrant. Like your style. I’ll be back. Thanks for reading/likes as well.

  15. Loved that story about the couple, the school bus and the surprise ending. Awesome. Thanks for visiting my site!

  16. Thanks for following. Nice site you have here.

  17. So thank you for the kind follow

  18. I’ve finally gotten my new blog started http://scoutsthoughts.wordpress.com/ and closed my healing blog (mandy). I wanted to contact my favorite bloggers to let you know. I’ll go by Scout. 🙂

  19. Thank you for the follow and stopping by.

  20. Hi! Thank you so much for the many likes and the follow – I can´t tell you how much that means to me!!:) Love your writing style and am looking very much forward to your future posts! Have a lovely day! Sarah:)

  21. Hi, Lion! Thanks for dropping by and it’s nice to meet you.
    I wish you best of luck on your novel and I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Keep writing! 😉

  22. Your bio made me smile. You have a great sense of humour.

    1. Thanks, but what’s ‘humour’ ? 😉

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