Book Coming Soon – Down To Earth


I started writing the working titled idea for a book Down To Earth several years back and wrote it fast. But as anyone who has attempted a novel, little did I know then, that’s the easy part! The editing process itself has taken a lot longer than it should have (thanks life!) but it is a laborious process that thing that’s averse to humans and any thinking organism: repetition.

Desert. Summer. Early morning. People – animals – begin falling from the sky. It’s the alarm the residents of Salt never set. With no snooze button.

So once I knuckled down I did eventually get it to the stage where it is now, in need of beta readers, so if anyone would like me to send them a copy I’d be delighted to share it and see what your thoughts are on it in terms of story, plot, and pacing because frankly I’ve read it so many times now, that I either think it’s ready to publish or a piece of junk. Hopefully it’s closer to the former.

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