Behind the veneer: Kai Greene ‘Muscle Machine’ on discipline and mindset

      NOT EVERYONE IS a fan of working out. Not everyone is keen on it, although judging by TV viewing figures and packed stadiums, irrespective of body fat percentage, people love to watch athletes. Now, if I mention the word bodybuilding yet more people will tune out. It conjures up images of ridiculous muscular gargantuans that… Continue reading Behind the veneer: Kai Greene ‘Muscle Machine’ on discipline and mindset

An Idea

I HAD AN idea once. No, wait, that makes me sound like I've only had one. I've had at least three in my lifetime... But seriously I had an idea for a story about a planet where there is a master race who control all the resources, they turn it into a giant mine and exploit… Continue reading An Idea

Changing your mind

A philosophical point I want to address is the act of changing ones opinion on a matter. We all have opinions. Sometimes they are subjective, other times they are based on information. This latter case changes the opinion to that of fact (or near fact) as we aren't frequently certain about anything to a 100%… Continue reading Changing your mind