I Had A Story Idea

...I HAD AN idea once. No, wait, that makes me sound like I've only had one. I've had at least three in my lifetime... Seriously, I had an idea for a story about a planet where there is a master race who control all the resources, they turn it into a giant mine and exploit every… Continue reading I Had A Story Idea

Richard Hawley – Lady’s Bridge

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CY74U_igzY ONE OF MY favourite artists you probably haven't heard of who deserves much more recognition. Richard Hawley is exceptional. Don't believe me? Have a listen and drift away..

What’s a Classic Book Anyway?

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD by Thomas Hardy. Awful. Ghost Stories by M.R. James. Horrible. Both authors were, and still are in some circles, acclaimed writers. I couldn't give a shit. That’s not me being dismissive, simply stating facts. Reading both of their books put me through a rare torture as a reader, one voluntary,… Continue reading What’s a Classic Book Anyway?

Emptying the WordPress Comments Spam: Well That’s A New One

     OCCASIONALLY I FORGET about the fact that WordPress, like email, also has spam. I usually empty it out every second day or so but sometimes I forget. Well today I was in for a delightful comment on my 'A Break from Bad' post, pointing me in the direction of a forum with a focus… Continue reading Emptying the WordPress Comments Spam: Well That’s A New One

Marketing, At the Sellular Level

A BREAKDOWN OF the Boots 2014 Christmas Catalogue. I shall translate: Limited Edition - Instead of making more of these mass produced items, we made less of these. (there was a problem at the factory) New Improved Recipe! - 'Improved' still does not neecessarily mean 'good'. 'Energising' body wash, or similar derivatives - Promises a change of… Continue reading Marketing, At the Sellular Level

I Keep it Clean, I Swear!

WHERE DO YOU stand/sit/lie/dangle on swearing in fiction? I'd assume it will align with how you feel about it in other aspects of life. For some swearing is a turnoff, end of, there can be no need for it. There is the biblical end of the spectrum whereby to blaspheme is a terrible thing, it should be… Continue reading I Keep it Clean, I Swear!

When Weird Things Happen – Earworm of the Year

   FOR SOME REASON or another I had an earworm (def:  a song or melody that keeps repeating in one's mind - but in my case just words) of 'Jim Jarmusch' rattling about my head for the last two days. Not films he's directed, nor any tangible elements from his flicks, just his name bouncing around.… Continue reading When Weird Things Happen – Earworm of the Year

A Non-story

   I TOUT MYSELF as a creator of fiction. I sometimes lie to myself that I am a writer instead of my actual job. Not that my personality and identity is rooted in what makes me money. I realise that my short stories and creative pieces in general have been diminishing. This is like a politician telling… Continue reading A Non-story