Write Out of My Head – SHORTS

This is genuine flash fiction, or 'rash fiction' as I prefer to call it, written during some down time at work. Four separate shorts, four very different topics. Enjoy.   I'VE SEEN HARDENED men in flak jackets take bullets like paintballs. Those same men have been wearing bullet proof jackets, and mowed down by words, without… Continue reading Write Out of My Head – SHORTS

Write Wing Kingdom

SCORCHING FIRES. I felt guilty, of course I did. Foolish, foolish voters! They should never have trusted me to run their kingdom: me, an author! From despot, to despot they'd lurched, and here I was, the saviour, a man of morals, crowned by words, atop a throne made of books by my own hand. And… Continue reading Write Wing Kingdom


~Palm Reading & Fortune Telling~    ARTISTICALLY PAINTED, THE sign was perched against a white tent, on the perimeter of the carnival. "Come on! It'll be fun!" said my girlfriend. "There's no price". Three words meant to signify I had zero interest. "Come onnn! I'll pay!" The cost wasn't really the issue. I wondered at… Continue reading Carnival

Milk: Spilt

"HAVE YOU EVER seen anything like it?!" my therapist said to his colleague. "Get Andrew and Elleanor in here." The colleague left, returning in a matter of minutes with Andrew and Elleanor. "I've left my client for this," Andrew said looking excited. "Is it true?" "Me too," said Eleanor. "What is it?" My bald headed… Continue reading Milk: Spilt

Twenty to Forty

PEOPLE MIGHT WONDER. They'd say things like, "Why don't you quit?" Well, truthfully, I couldn't. I was illiterate, innumerate and ignorant. The three I's. Blind too for the most part. Starting young, that's a positive thing in most fields. Almost savant like in talent if you can get started at a young enough age. My… Continue reading Twenty to Forty

How Films Receive Their Stars

FROM THE DIRECTOR of 'Absolute' and 'Garbage' (Somehow the guy got funding after two cinematic abominations) comes 'Only' based on real events. (Loosely based on something that vaguely happened) ((Any semblance of the 'real' story will not be found in this motion picture)) (((The scriptwriter used one plot device and carelessly, without intelligence lets you know… Continue reading How Films Receive Their Stars

The X Factor(y)

I wrote this at least five years ago, but I feel it is still relevant. The rhyme scheme is a bit bananas its more of a rap/poetry jam from my angry younger mind. Every time I see Simon Cowell, my face changes, and rearranges into a scowl, vomit in my mouth, sick from the bowels I… Continue reading The X Factor(y)

Cycle 3. Fast Colours. 100 degrees.

   HOME AT LAST. I dumped my duffel bag full of dirty clothes on the floor, slammed the door and went straight through to the kitchen, stopping in front of the washing machine, in its glorious household appliance standard white colour scheme. I pulled the machine drawer out, free-pouring fabric softener in slot three. Slot two received… Continue reading Cycle 3. Fast Colours. 100 degrees.