Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – BOOK REVIEW

THE STORY COULD be utterly dreadful, and I'd still love Philip K. Dick, if only for the best book title I know of. Inspired. To business: Clocking in at only 210 pages it didn't take me long to read. I'd never read a book by the author before but this novel has been on my… Continue reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – BOOK REVIEW

Dean Koontz – Breathless: Book Review

      I USUALLY LEAVE book reviews alone but felt compelled to post about Breathless, Dean Koontzs' 'thriller'. In a nut shell, Grady who lives in the countryside, discovers some magical animals in the woods and before long Homeland Security descends after some pictures are circulated online. Koontz has sold millions of books and has a… Continue reading Dean Koontz – Breathless: Book Review

Five Books You’ll Remember Forever

WHEN WE PICK up a book the one thing we want is to reach the last page and be left with thoughts and feelings beyond those in the text, and yet of the text, to feel different somehow, to see the world in a different light. Below are five of my all time favourite books… Continue reading Five Books You’ll Remember Forever

Pendulum Pet: Cynicism Management – BOOK REVIEW

...I LOVE Bori Praper's debut novel Cynicism Management, and he doesn't disappoint with the sequel. Budd Dimples the CEO of multinational corporation Metaore is intent on drilling Slovenia for all it is worth, by mining for valuable elements. Playing off his character are the locals that populate the Rock n' Roll Tavern in a sleepy… Continue reading Pendulum Pet: Cynicism Management – BOOK REVIEW

Book Review: Cynicism Management Book 1

RECENTLY I DISCOVERED a friend from another time and place is an author: Bori Praper. So I read his book, Cynicism Management Book 1, my first ever purchase through Kindle, which I've been reading for the last three nights before falling asleep - but not because of the content! - it's brilliant!!! THE SYNOPSIS: Finnegan… Continue reading Book Review: Cynicism Management Book 1

NIGHTCRAWLER – A film worth watching (and reviewing)

   REGULARS OF MY blog will know I'm not big on reviews. Plenty of people do them better and in more depth. But sometimes I watch or read something that makes me want to review it; Nightcrawler is that something. Nightcrawler is about a man eking out a living who discovers that footage of car crashes,… Continue reading NIGHTCRAWLER – A film worth watching (and reviewing)

To Kill a President (The Accidental Time Travellers Book 1) by Marc James

    MARC JAMES WROTE his first book, Marc James is also the alias of a good friend of mine. I'm proud of him for having done what so many struggle to do, to finish a novel - and just to make everyone slightly jealous he wrote it in about three months! He's given me the… Continue reading To Kill a President (The Accidental Time Travellers Book 1) by Marc James

Gone Girl – Is it as good as the book?

TO ANSWER THE title, yes, in fact it fleshes it out in a good way and brings the story to life staying faithful (somewhat ironically) to Gillian Flynn's original novel. I've never been a fan of Ben Affleck but he pulls off Nick very well and Rosamund Pike is Amy. She really nails the character… Continue reading Gone Girl – Is it as good as the book?